New Uncommon Uranium Planet - NextColony Art Studi

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Welcome back to my NextColony Art Studio.

We are into Season 4!


19th February 2020, 3:26 pm - 20th March 2020, 3:26 pm
Prize Pool: 6800 Steem / 1,017,000 Stardust
Leach Rate: 100%, Deploy Rate: 100%

One Planet a day challenge will be extended and goes into the next round.

"one planet a day challenge"

I will post one planet every day for the next week's. Every time I finish 15 planets (which is one planet set) this set will be implemented into game and you will then be able to explore all new planets in NextColony

I started working on Set 13
which I call "New Era"

I just finished my work on the new "Uncommon Uranium Planet"


Hope you like it.

Please feel free to share your ideas for planet designs down in the comments section.

I will reward it with some Stardust ;)

Stay tuned


See you in

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100 % Effort and Passion !


100 % Power up!



Kommentare gerne auch in deutsch!


Stay Creative!


Das Rot/Violett ist interessant. Gefühlt sähe er ohne noch besser aus, aber die Einzigartigkeit ist auch ein wichtiges Ziel :)

P.S. Hoffe es ist in Ordnung, wenn ich sehr direkt bin :)

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