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RE: My reportage of the May Day demonstration in St. Petersburg.

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It's so good to see that such peaceful demonstrations are happening in Russia too. It is a move in the right direction..I have attended many demonstrations for animal rights but it was never done together with any demonstration on a different topic. It's interesting that it happened there like this..

Your photos are great and I like that you used only few colors as it emphasizes the atmosphere. Very well done!

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote! :)


Isn’t this one awesome? I was first attracted to the cover image being red and black, the picture just popped out like “look at me!” Then the article, oh man! 👍🏿

Thank you @delishtreats. This demonstration was kind of festive. Since the times of the USSR, a parade is held in Russia every year in honor of the day of workers. But since last year, not only supporters of political parties, but also other social movements began to appear in large cities.