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Hi everyone!

I am back with another of my jobs. This is the digital drawing number 8 that I have done so far.

It has been a while since my last publication, I sincerely apologize, I took time to study the techniques of other artists and thus improve my illustrations, and for that we must devote time and it requires a lot of practice.

Later you can see that for this drawing I worked in a different way than what I have been doing, this is because I implemented one of the techniques I was studying and I must say that it has been very useful. In this case, what I did was to start painting all the skin on my face, then paint my eyes, my nose, and then I made the missing details on the skin. Unlike my other works I started by painting one of the eyes, part of a skin and then little by little I was painting the rest. In this way I can work more comfortably, I know that I still have a lot to learn to have more agility with digital drawing, so I don't lose hope.

Technical information

I use the IbisPaint X application. I work with a Canaima brand tablet, model TR10RS1.

Total hours:
About 10 hours 28 minutes.

Dimensions: 517x720 pixels.

Digital Drawing Process








Original image

Please, if there is anything I need to improve, I would appreciate it if you told me, I am learning and always constructive criticism helps to improve the work. I appreciate that you have read my publication, I hope you enjoyed this beautiful drawing.

"To be happy, we have to start loving ourselves and our work!"

Until next time!

IMG II.jpeg


Hermoso dibujo en arte digital, lindo rostro que transmite mucha ternura y alegría, además me encantó como dejaste dejar fluir tu creatividad creando esta genial obra utilizando tus nuevas técnicas para así plasmar las más profundas emociones en esta obra. Te felicito por tu buen arte. Mis saludos

It is totally WOW, first I thought it is hand drawn but It is Digital Art. AWESOME!

So cute ~ Vivid mood spreads all over the painting ~ Looking so gorgeous ~

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