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Hello dear friends.

Welcome back to my blog. This is my publication approximately number 86, and I must comment that I feel very happy to be in this blockchain and share with you all my work. I feel very lucky because I have met many very nice people and I have learned many things here.

Since I met Steemit, it has motivated me much more to draw, I have created things that I never imagined I could do, I have taken that leap that I was always afraid to take, to make myself known as artist. I have been involved in the wonderful world of digital drawing and countless other things that if I describe it I would never finish this post hehehehe, but what is of great importance is to say that I feel really very happy and I owe you that They are the ones who support me and They are attentive to my work.

Thank you, thank you very much!

Anyway, today I present the portrait I made of the beautiful actress Anne Hathaway, who with her pleasant personality does an extraordinary job, and more than that, it makes her transmit all her energy to everyone the spectators. and followers.

You are amazing Anne Hathaway!


IMG I.png

Technical information:

  • Materials I used:
    School color pencils: Faber Castell, Paper-Mate, Norma and Prismacolor.
    Graphite pencil scale 2H.
    White thread sheet, dimensions 125 mm x 205 mm.
  • Total time to do the job:
    About 8 hours
  • Photography:
    I used a Vtelca V865M phone to take pictures.
  • Other tools:
    To see the image I am painting, I use a tablet called Canaima.

IMG II.png

Drawing process:

Step 1: Making the sketch.


Step 2: Apply colors.


Step 3: I finished painting the skin of the face, as you can see; I added blue color and mixed it with colors like peach, brown and light pink, I did it this way to show the reflection of the color of the clothes on the skin.


Step 4: I painted neck and hands.


Step 5: I added color to the clothes and painted the hair.


Image Original

And End

IMG II.png

I hope you enjoyed it!

I say goodbye, dear friends, I want to thank you for all your support and for being here. A kiss and a big hug for everyone. Blessings

Until next time!

"To be happy, we have to start loving ourselves and our work!"



You are really good with eyes and hair!! Just like Daenerys Targaryen, you nailed it with Anna Hathaway too! (And yes, Daenerys is one of my favourites in GOT until the last episode when she became ruthless :P). I love Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada and The Intern, although my first movie of her was in The Princess Diaries. Love how you drew and coloured her hair and thank you for sharing your process photos. I enjoyed viewing stage by stage from the drawing to the colouring. It is nice to see an artist at work by the photos shared :) Happy Thursday to you!

I like her so much ~ Very vivid drawing ~ Detailed description is well expressed ~ Fascinating ~


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Naguará!! se ve muy precioso. Colores llamativos, rasgos muy definidos y todo tan realista, es especial <3

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Wow good job. How did you learn to draw hair so well?

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WOW!!! que impresionante!!! me encanta el nivel de realismo que tiene y el parecido increíble con la actriz... hermoso trabajo querida Francis, eres muy talentosa!!! <3 <3 <3


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Keep up the great work!


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