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RE: My reportage of the May Day demonstration in St. Petersburg.

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I loved the post, especially what you did with the pictures. They are great shots and the filters/effects makes them really catchy.

I like the fact that this post covers a very important aspect in the life of any contry: marches/protests/demonstrations.

That is good, especially in a society famous for being oppresive. I ignore the inner life of Russian society, we only get glimpses and probably biased news. In my case, being a venezuelan, the russian government means a lot of negative things. Under the current government all the negative stereotypes derived from the cold war and all the internal conflicts Russia has gone through seem to have been perpetuated and even reinforced.

It is good to see an active young society demanding rights and opening up to the world.


Thank you very much, @hlezama. I am very pleased that you wrote such a voluminous comment, and shared his opinion.
Unfortunately, in Russia, people also ignore what is happening here. Political propaganda certainly exists. We are often set up negatively in relation to other countries. Especially in Russia. You are absolutely right, the totalitarianism of our country is growing. Everywhere there are tons of propaganda, people are intimidated and indifferent.
I regret that the situation in your country is extremely unstable. And I wish this crisis to end as soon as it is better for the citizens of your country!

Thank you very much. My best wishes to you and your people too. With so many things in common among the people of the world, it would be so easy to have a perfect world, and yet the ambition and mental issues of some politicians can drive entire nations down the wrong path in history.

Most of what we hold as national truth, as characteristicaly "ours" and which makes us be in conflict with other groups has been nothing but twisted ideas coming from some interested group/minds

totally agree with you, @hlezama) you speak very accurately. Most of what the heads of state do does not reflect the people who live in them. but many depend heavily on politicians and do not want to think with their heads. but it depends on the latter what will happen to the country. for this, people should participate in the formation of their state, convene a meeting of the people as the inhabitants of ancient Rome did. And in the case when the state begins to use its people, you need to take to the streets and defend their rights. I hope Russia will ripen sometime for this.