🌟⭐Guess Who is this CryptoStar!⭐🌬🌟

in #ntopaz8 months ago

ntopaz-image-0Hi Steemians!🌟

In the case you missed my latest Cryptoart take a look at this post:

And discover who is this CryptoStar⭐ and the upcoming crypto project!🌬

This Cryptoart is tokenized on Makersplace, only 1 edition available NFT!
Open bids: https://makersplace.com/jeninacrypto/cryptocartoon-of-helen-hai-in-the-binance-clouds-1-of-1-18927/


I will try to get hold of her!
Thank you for the kind advice my dear friend.


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Very beautiful, nicely done 😃


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