Hello! It's so great to see you're doing well and still making art. These dragons are so cute. The texture of Capricorn's tail is awesome. it looks like it would feel bumpy if you touched it. I'm looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts, a look at what improvement you see in your own work (it's always been enchanting and fanciful, IMO). But as they say, sometimes "less can be more" ;)

It's even better to read you're making time to do things for yourself - away from posting! That's always important. Thank you for checking in on me, and for your continued support through the years. Although I was zombified there for a minute, I still remembered the connections made here. See you around soon. Peace out! :)

Heyy :D Sorry for the (very) late reply. Things went a little crazy, but I'm still doing well. Hope you're safe and well!
Thank you for the compliment, I have a few more zodiacs left to post, hihi ^_^ I've started another big project, so I'm spending most of my time on it. Really excited for how it's turning out so far.

Darn, I missed this. But so nice to see you back on. So many peeps have gone by the ether wayside on here. Sad, but the reality of life. Though I cannot talk, as I've been delinquent myself. But after 3 years, one gets a bit worn down, I think. Creativity is so fun, yet takes a lot of time too. A real double edged sword of fun. I am too late to vote, but if you write back, can give you a full vote on a comment. After all, it's worth a WHOLE 3 cents ( :
Hope you do still stay around, at least part of the time. It is a hoot on here, that's for sure. Cheers on a Wednesday in February.

Heyy! Don't worry about the vote hahah (Seriously) :D Sorry for the late reply. I'll try to make a post again one of these days. Hope you're well with everything going on now :)
Right now I'm quite busy on my own little game project I'm designing.

That sounds interesting, and way over my head. But I can appreciate the effort and end result, none the less. Everything is going well here, just a quiet life, keeping my head down and staying home. More time to put in the garden, and do a bit of writing, though not enough, that's for sure. I shall continue on in the next comment...

I just noticed some stuff is going on Steemit, do you know any more about it?

...and here I is, onward. I am not the person to ask about all of this, as I am still banging rocks together as far as the internet and computer stuff beyond email is concerned. But as I understand it, there was a big change when Justin bought the site. Not sure exactly about how that all worked either. But many folks were mad about many things related...once again, beyond me, but they left and started HIVE. And are posting there.

Almost all my peeps that were still left on Steemit went over there. Some are still posting here too. I am going over there one day soon, as soon as I can get some help about how to GET there, correctly. I'm just smart enough to be dangerous. As I said, this whole process is all well beyond me. I've never fully understood all of the going's on on here, from day one, even if I do read about it...I just petty much know how to write, vote and comment, etc. I was going to stay on and post on Steemit too, but now seem to be getting spammed on my comments to folks....probably for still being here??? It's not real obvious where it's coming from. So not sure where that will lead. You SHOULD have your entire stake now on Hive too, as it was on Steemit. Whatever Steem, SBD, SD, etc you had on Steemit should be over there. You should be able to post there, like here.

I hope this helps a bit. There are many articles and strings of comments about the buying and problems folks had, but once again, I couldn't decipher it for you. I ain't necessarily dumb, just only smart enough to stay within my own britches ( :
Well, hope all is well and you and yours are healthy and happy in these difficult times. Until another post comes round, stay cheerio(s)

I totally understand how you feel, thank you for help :)
I spent quite a few hours on Discord trying to figure out what is going on xD Fortunately a few people explained it very well and helped me with Hive account. I was so scared that I would mess something up.
I even got all the stake (even though I powered down on Steemit a while ago) lucky I was too lazy to transfer it out before haha :D
Yeahh I was pretty scared to join Hive, but since I pulled all my Steem, I don't have THat much to lose.. I have post backups for my favorite posts and sort of backups on Whaleshares. And hive is also a backup of my posts.
I won't be that active tho, maybe check once a week or at least once a month. I miss socializing like things used to be :D

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