Rally in Russia against the inauguration of the president 05.05.18. My reportage

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ntopaz-image-0In the last publication I told and showed my photos from the May demonstration in St. Petersburg. A lot of people wrote to me in comments, which pleasantly surprised me. Of these, I realized that we know absolutely nothing about what is actually happening in our countries. In the comments, I met people who were surprised that demonstrations were being held in Russia in support of something and in the struggle for something. And in fact, even for Russia, this is something new. Not long ago, any actions were very rare, and if they were held, it was only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. But lately, not without the help of the Internet, more and more people realize the need to take to the streets and fight for their rights. So now I want to remember my first very crumpled report that I shot almost a year ago.

the inscription on the plate: "turn off the TV"

A year ago, there were elections in Russia. I do not want this article to have a political character, I will simply describe the position of those concerned. I will not talk about my political views in order not to make a “story about myself” out of it.

So, at the end of the elections, around which there was a lot of noise in Russia, and certainly not because of the political race. There was an inauguration, with which not everyone was agreed. 05.05.18 the opposition went to an uncoordinated rally in a large number of cities from Irkutsk to St. Petersburg, called “he is not a king to us”.

the inscription on the plate: "I do not want as in North Korea"

People stood with signs and flags of Russia, and the organizers were also present. People chanted dissatisfaction with power. I will not go into quotes, I will attach at the end of the publication video, which I did myself. It is made clumsily, and there are no English subtitles. And I also put on him funny punk rock music, because I wanted to make a positive emphasis on the fact that people bravely go to fight for their rights.

the inscription on the plate: “he is not a king to us”

The procession went along Nevsky Prospect from Palace Square almost to Vosstaniya Square (as it is poetic). At the beginning, as always, people were accompanied by police officers. They filmed everyone on camera, warned everyone in a megaphone that the rally was not coordinated, and people could be detained for participating. None of those present thought to leave. There were more and more people, I took photos, being at the very beginning of the crowd, and sometimes the crowd thundered so that it seemed as though the whole Nevsky Prospect were trembling. Someone was starting to turn over metal fences that blocked Nevsky Prospect. In general, the rally was peaceful, not counting the statements to the president.


Plaques of people spoke for them. "Russia will be free" "Putin is a thief." After a while, we saw a strip of people in helmets on a Gorozinte, but they were in no hurry to detain people, letting them go further.

inscription on the plate: "demand an answer"
inscription on the plate: "we are not meat"

But it was not possible to go far. A large number of policemen gathered in front of the Uprising Square.


Then people started pulling off metal fences, making barricades. Standing in front of the policemen with truncheons, people shouted "shame."


And then the police cordoned off the first group of people. Near the entrance to the subway (which suddenly turned out to be closed), people could not leave and just stood in the cordon.


The rest continued to crowd on the avenue. At the end of the video, the woman, turning to the people in the helmets, says: "people are unarmed, and you came with a weapon. Are you not ashamed?" Then they again started to stand people out of the crowd and arrest them. In total, over 1600 people were detained in the country.

the inscription on the plate: "Down with Putin"

This is how the peaceful march against the inauguration of the president ended. It was clear how little importance is attached to rallies in our country. But the fact that so many people have already taken to the streets means that Russia is gradually developing, people are becoming more conscious, and may sometime in the future achieve what they have been deprived of for so long.

the inscription on the plate: "another six years of degradation?!"

Thank you for watching! :3


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I never thought demonstrations of this sort would ever be able to happen before being put down by authorities.
Putin is a maniacal dictator whose only purpose is to keep his countrymen under his thumb as he steals from them and accumulates more riches.
In the video, when the police knock over the metal barriers and advance towards the crowd, I thought that a Malay was about to ensue.
Have faith and perseverance, and change will occur.