My reportage of the May Day demonstration in St. Petersburg.

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ntopaz-image-0inscriptions on the plates: "dairy cows are killed. laying hens are killed," "veganism is not a diet, it is respect for someone else's life", "if abortion is murder, then what is veal?"

May 1 in St. Petersburg, as in all cities of Russia, a procession was held in honor of the day of all working people. Despite the fact that city events are of little interest to me, this time I came to make my small reportage

As a rule, earlier, only supporters of political parties in the country went to the demonstration, but for some time, representatives of social cultures and movements that exist in the country also began to appear on the street. This aroused my interest, since I found out about it for the first time.
Politically, the party I was bored to photograph, I was interested in new slogans that I had not seen live before.

inscriptions on the plates: "I also know how to love," "a girl in striped pajamas"
inscriptions on the flag: crossed out the word "fur"

Supporters lgbt, zoodefenders and vegans, feminists. There was even a small group of people who advocated the legalization of soft drugs.

inscriptions on the plates: "we refuse to be silent", "Vitya must go out", "to live with HIV is not a crime"
inscriptions on the plates: "you are my sister", "feminism against lesbofobii"

Among other things, there were "the undead", representatives of small communities with their own philosophical views on work.

inscriptions on the plates: "Mayday! Mayday! Decay! Die!"
inscriptions on the plates: "poverty - a symptom; capitalism - a disease; revolution - a medicine"

People with posters of a humorous nature, with an obvious sub-text on the unfree Internet in Russia, as well as their more outspoken partners for the “free Internet”.

inscriptions on the plates: "the networks are weaved by spiders. the freedom of those involved in the affairs of the" network ""
The demonstration was very bright and beautiful.


The activists shouted chants, the organizers regulated everything through a megaphone, at the beginning of the feminist column there were people who beat the rhythm on the drums, vegans and animal defenders walked with large posters and banners.




There was a feeling of celebration, but at the same time, it was a call. Call to abandon hatred and violence. The call to return their legal rights to people and animals.

inscriptions on the plate: "love"
inscriptions on the plate: "Do not be silent, woman!"

I tried to convey the mood of people, and in general I was pleased with both the process itself and its result. I got the idea to work with the minimum number of colors before the demonstration, then this idea was only better strengthened during implementation.


inscriptions on the plates: "life is priceless. go to veganism"
inscriptions on the plate: "no one should die for the sake of your comfort"

I really want more such demonstrations, more supporters to come, and more people imbued with the importance of these things.

inscriptions on the plate: "what will you give your child a heart?"

Thank you for watching! :3


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Interesting post @kurokikuro. We also have the 1st of may "day of work" in Germany. I know that we also had some demonstrations in Munich but not as big as it seems to be in St.Petersburg.
Was it a nice experience? - Was it more like a walk or did the people stand in front of a political monument?

The demonstration went through the whole Nevsky Prospect (it was blocked during the holiday), to Kazan Square, where the holiday continued. People performed on the stage, party leaders promised supporters to "restore justice", somewhere the police in helmets again took away people who openly showed dissatisfaction with the authorities. I am very sorry that I left and did not take a picture of it. Everyone should see how human rights are respected in Russia.

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Thank you for posting this one, @kurokikuro. I appreciate all of the translations and images, lots and lots of really nice images—thank you!

I was unaware of this demonstration until now, very interesting indeed. Happy Monday to you, have a great week.

See this @splatz?

Thank you, @dandays This is my second reportage, and I am very pleased that you liked these photos.
This demonstration is relatively small, yet there were more people from the parties. Moreover, the media is not so interesting to discuss the rights of women and animals, unfortunately. But every year more and more people come out in support. This gives us hope for a healthy and bright future!

Congratulations on the reward, kurokikuro. 😉

Great job @kurokikuro for your photo report and translations done on the manifestation. It is a quite powerful reportage, showing how Russians are really struggled by the government. It is so strange for me that people must fight for their vegan rights, for acceptance for their lifestyle, dietetic or marriage decisions. For most of the time, European people are entertained by the snapshots of happy or stupid Russians, mostly drunk and kept away from the modern lifestyle. But the truth is different and we all are the same humans, with the same needs, same awares, same fears, same problems. I was very impressed by those LGBT banners. You guys must be very brave to stand out and be proud, especially with a knowledge of the high risk of strong oppression from the law enforcement. I hope that this wasn't the first protest march nor the last one, and by those happenings you will be able to reach more people and gain more popularity. Only in this, peaceful way, it is possible to change the system. Wish you all the best.

and from the artistic side - great idea of reducing the quantity of colors, keeping only the ones which means something. Somehow it adds more layers and meanings for the photos.

Big Up People ! I'm With You In This Fight Against The Closed Minds !

Thank you, @cubapl. In fact, I was not able to photograph how the police in helmets took away civilians during the demonstration. After all, I read on the Internet how unscrupulously and wildly they snatched people from the crowd, pushing onto the asphalt and hurting them. Oppositionists were not even allowed to march. And this is just a festive demonstration!

It's so good to see that such peaceful demonstrations are happening in Russia too. It is a move in the right direction..I have attended many demonstrations for animal rights but it was never done together with any demonstration on a different topic. It's interesting that it happened there like this..

Your photos are great and I like that you used only few colors as it emphasizes the atmosphere. Very well done!

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote! :)

Isn’t this one awesome? I was first attracted to the cover image being red and black, the picture just popped out like “look at me!” Then the article, oh man! 👍🏿

Thank you @delishtreats. This demonstration was kind of festive. Since the times of the USSR, a parade is held in Russia every year in honor of the day of workers. But since last year, not only supporters of political parties, but also other social movements began to appear in large cities.

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hi @kurokikuro
first of all, beautiful photos and excellent choice of colors, I like them very much, they are true, close, expressive.
it's nice to see people demonstrate peacefully and together for their rights on their lifestyle, on being a woman, on gender. fighting together is the only strength we have, the only voice that can grow and be heard.
congratulations on your curie vote and thanks for sharing with us

Thank you very much! :)I am also very glad to see that people are ready to go and fight for the right to be themselves, and for the rights of those who cannot speak for them themselves.

Love all the pictures you clicked, newspaper feels. Amazing work.

Thanks for your rating. It is very nice for me

I loved the post, especially what you did with the pictures. They are great shots and the filters/effects makes them really catchy.

I like the fact that this post covers a very important aspect in the life of any contry: marches/protests/demonstrations.

That is good, especially in a society famous for being oppresive. I ignore the inner life of Russian society, we only get glimpses and probably biased news. In my case, being a venezuelan, the russian government means a lot of negative things. Under the current government all the negative stereotypes derived from the cold war and all the internal conflicts Russia has gone through seem to have been perpetuated and even reinforced.

It is good to see an active young society demanding rights and opening up to the world.

Thank you very much, @hlezama. I am very pleased that you wrote such a voluminous comment, and shared his opinion.
Unfortunately, in Russia, people also ignore what is happening here. Political propaganda certainly exists. We are often set up negatively in relation to other countries. Especially in Russia. You are absolutely right, the totalitarianism of our country is growing. Everywhere there are tons of propaganda, people are intimidated and indifferent.
I regret that the situation in your country is extremely unstable. And I wish this crisis to end as soon as it is better for the citizens of your country!

Thank you very much. My best wishes to you and your people too. With so many things in common among the people of the world, it would be so easy to have a perfect world, and yet the ambition and mental issues of some politicians can drive entire nations down the wrong path in history.

Most of what we hold as national truth, as characteristicaly "ours" and which makes us be in conflict with other groups has been nothing but twisted ideas coming from some interested group/minds

totally agree with you, @hlezama) you speak very accurately. Most of what the heads of state do does not reflect the people who live in them. but many depend heavily on politicians and do not want to think with their heads. but it depends on the latter what will happen to the country. for this, people should participate in the formation of their state, convene a meeting of the people as the inhabitants of ancient Rome did. And in the case when the state begins to use its people, you need to take to the streets and defend their rights. I hope Russia will ripen sometime for this.

Amazing to see this and to think that twenty or thirty years ago this wouldn't have been possible. I see that most of the people on the march are mainly the younger generation as well.

Да, в основном молодые люди устраивают такие движения и пытаются донести до людей некоторые идеи. Но мне было приятно, что взрослые тоже присутствовали. Они были больше, чем я ожидал!

Hello @kurokikuro, I love what you did with these photos, these color splash versions are amazing, the technique highlights the subject and it looks great. Demonstrations are excellent for people and portrait photography.
You've managed to to capture the pulse of the event, people in action, each of them fighting for something they believe in. Those slogans on the placards are right and true.
I admire these people for standing up for what they believe in. There's no freedom without fight and I believe people should be free, not controlled.
Well done!

Thank! I am glad that you like the result of my work))
Fully agree with you. Everyone needs to fight for freedom, because life without freedom is slavery

As you say, wise words.

I think it's courageous to demonstrate in a country like russia, although i don't know the conditions myself, and definitely worth supporting.