Cannes Reflections (Detail) by Matthew Holden Bates

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"Cannes Reflections" (Detail)

oil on canvas / ©2019, Matthew Holden Bates, Firenze, Italia

Here is the next "close up" in my latest series of oil paintings to share on nTopaz. This painting happened because I was working with a gallery in Cannes, in the south of France, and I wanted to make a beautiful oil painting from my trip to visit the gallery. I went with my family, and my mom, who has always been into boats, found a way to visit this beautiful Ferretti Yatch of which we were given a guided tour. Here is the complete painting:

Cannes Reflections print.jpg

"Cannes Reflections" Oil on Canvas / ©2019 Matthew Holden Bates, Firenze, All Rights Reserved

I remember that this painting was completed in only 3 weeks, which for me is extremely fast.I think that I zoomed thought it so fast because the reflections were so surreal and fun to paint.

If you would like to own a copy of this painting, limited edition prints are available form Curioos out of New York City. Here is the link to get your print:

If you like my artwork and would like to see more you can follow my steemit blog @matteopaints . Comments, upvotes and resteems are awesome. I love communicating about art with the nTopaz and Steemit communities, so feel free to leave a comment below, I'll get right back to you asap.

A presto da Firenze, Matteo


wow~ it's so cool~!
I love the point of view.
It seems to me a very clever and interesting way to show the beautiful view of Cannes from the boat on the sea, like an wide angle shot photography.
thanks for sharing :)

Grazie!!!!! :)

It must have been an amazng experience and Cannes are so beautiful:) The reflection at the artwork are very masterfuly made:) Cannot wait to see the rest of the painting:)

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Yea it was fun, a great family vacationm it was alos cool to see my paintings up in the gallery. here is a link to the full painting: Cannes Reflections

Yup—This is still my favorite one Matteo! 👍🏿 Love it.

Thanks Danny!!!! Take care buddy!

Dude I just realized my account isn’t following you anymore—wonder how long it’s been doing that?? 🤔 That’s about the tenth time I’ve caught it doing that, I wonder how many other people I think I’m following but actually not....

Oh, the technology.

I was wondering where you were, welcome back!👋😀

Geez, Matteo, I love how photorealistic this is ! And yet once I settle my eyes on it, it brings so much painterly goodness with the way you render the colours, the forms, the shadows <3 Absolutely wonderful !

And this was one of your faster pieces??? :O A M A Z I N G !!!!!!


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Keep up the great work!


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Such an amazing piece. This is @Dandays favorite and for good reason!

Thank you!!!!!!🎈🎉

Gorgeous painting and fantastic attention to detail. 3 weeks is quite fast, must have pulled a few all nighters.

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