Uffizi View (Detail) by Matthew Holden Bates

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“Uffizi View” (Detail)

Oil on canvas / ©️Matthew Holden Bates, All Rights Reserved

Here is the latest installment of my ‘up close and personal’ collection. Today I am featuring a painting that is a little bit different from my usual cityscapes. That is because it is a cityscape that is seen from indoors. To understand what I am talking about take a look at the entire painting:


Uffizi View by Matthew Holden Bates

The view is from a window inside the Uffizi Gallery here in Firenze. Out the window you can see the Ponte Vecchio, and in the background the tower of the church of Santo Spirito which like the Duomo was designed by Brunelleschi.

Here is another close up of the painting featuring Santo Spirito:


Uffizi View (Detail)

The statue on the left is a Greek statue from the Hellenistic period portraying Alexander the Great in his death. Lots of pathos for sure, I never know which way to look, out the window or at the statue!

I will be back soon with more close ups of my paintings, I think that you will enjoy seeing the intricate details of the architectural designs that I have used in my paintings. I hope that you will follow me on Steemit @matteopaints resteems and upvotes are always a joy and comments make the conversation happen so feel free to write about the painting below!

Arrivederci Matteo


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Hello Matteo! It is an incredible painting! When I saw it in the miniature I thought it was a kind of sculpture or 3D drawing, I really thought that! Yesterday he cheated on me and today too. You a fantastic job and very detailed.
Thanks for sharing with us!

Well, I hope I am not cheating you, but I am very happy that you feel like my paintings could be something else. Some painters like their paintings to be painterly, with big brush strokes. I do not like like that style for my art, usually my canvases are so smooth you cannot even feel the paint when you touch the surface. Maybe that is why they seem like a 3d model, or photography. I really appreciate your comments, you made my morning! 👋😀

Yes! but this way of "cheating" I like it XD, because when I see it you surprise me a lot, with the level of detail.
Oh! Yes! I have seen some paintings like this and even though they make a very real style, it is clear that it is not because of the brushstrokes that leave residues and in yours, that is not seen, they are delicate! then yes! It could be because of that. I swear the flowers when I saw them I thought it was a picture.
My comments come thanks to what you do. rather thanks to you for delighting us with your soft paintings.

That is really interesting, when I observe your paintings it is like brain games, when you can't understand what is real and what is painting. But that is the most exciting in that game. beautiful city behind the window, nicely detailed work on the details of houses, like that little flower pots and gutters. The sculpture is beautifully done. Love it!

Thanks Stef, wow, what is real, and what is paint, I ask myself that all of the time 🤪 . It is amazing what you can do with paint, if you work hard at it, it starts to take on a life of its own. I often think that a painting is a brain game, one that needs to be played out patiently, waiting until the paint starts to become something new.

This oil on canvas work is incredible! I love working with oil paints but I do not have the patience to finish the work. I also have the tendency of shifting from one medium to another when I get bored.

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Thanks!! Try working on more than one canvas at a time, it makes it easier to finish!

You are welcome! I'll bear that in mind. Thank you too!

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