Feeding my internal Monsters-Illustration Process

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Hi Steemit Family!

Today I want to show you how I have been progressing in this which is a new style that I have been practicing for future children's illustration projects, which is also inspired by the art style of the cartoon known as KND

I made a sketch at a time when I was not feeling well, I felt that instead of leaving my problems I was feeding them

And what better way is there to let off steam than to draw what you feel

After making the sketch, on a clean sheet I made the drawing cleaner and with watercolors I made the base colors of the entire drawing

With stronger colors I made the details of light and shadow and with a pencil I made the lineart

I think that this style pleases me a lot and I will also do a series of these to have a wide catalog and perhaps introduce myself to a publisher to offer my illustration services. of course, after all this quarantine madness has passed

My Ntopaz
My Steemit

See you soon ;)



Hi @Sarau, frst of all wanted to tell that your work is beautiful illustration and you have presented it very well. Only I have to mention that @ntopaz is closed down their account so there is no scene to post via ntopaz anymore. Their community is closed down.

There are two more communities OCD and GEMS who support creative people and I think you would probably will get their support, just join the community and post via their side:



On other site currently some of the Steemians left Steemit and joined Hiveblog so there is another blockchain that had cloned all the accounts so we are all there too and you can post there the same way like in Steemit, here is your site:


Good luck!

I didn't know, thank you very much.