illustrations and tricks for lettering

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Hi Steemit Family!

Today I want to show you an illustration that I did thinking about making an unusual house, maybe the house of a small animal.

It consists of a forgotten teapot in a garden where plants grew and now it is home to some small living being.

I also want to share with you these tricks for lettering that although I don't know how to write well, I think that these ornaments fit quite well.

Good, but how do I do them?
First I make circles to mark where each flower goes, and on these, I make the basic form and then make lineart

Then I use colored spots here and there, without noticing that it is perfect, that is, where the stain falls, I even make it outside the line

That's it!
in this way you can also make variations and also add some letters with motivational or love message

My Ntopaz
My Steemit

See you soon ;)


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