Portraits with Pen and Ink - Process

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Hi Steemit Family!

To make portraits the technique that I like the most is the use of the pen.
With few lines the depth is achieved and it is easy to conserve the light, I know that I am not the best in the subject, but it is a technique that I love to experience.
My process is simple and very easy to learn.

Then I will explain my process step by step, if you have doubts I would love you to share them in the comment box

First I make a circle and put two lines, one horizontal (where the eyes go) and another vertical where the nose goes), placing them according to the position of the face.

Using the reference image I begin to detail without further ado. making lines with the pen in the sense of skin


The main thing is to enjoy the process, I am not able to make a face without having the reference, not yet, but soon;)


Finally I like to put watercolor stains to add a different touch and that attracts attention, I usually use primary or secondary colors

It is the same process that I use for all portraits in this style, tell me:
Can you recognize this face?


My Ntopaz
My Steemit

See you soon ;)


👍You have received a 100% upvote with over 19k of build token, please keep up the good work and embrace the http://www.build-it.io community.


I'm impressed with how far you have gone with your drawing and technique. You are getting better every day. Keep it up.✌🙄

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