I Stay At Home (Illustration)

in #ntopazlast year

My experience with the coronavirus

I have avoided watching the news and rumors on the internet because most of it is false and it only makes people fear grow. since I'm a young woman I didn't pay much attention to it either.

When he arrived in my country, the story changed, I don't care about myself, I care about my mother, my uncles, my grandparents and the little ones in the family.

That is why I stay at home.

I have a small grocery store, I have not closed the store, because the supermarkets are in chaos, I also have clients who pay me at the end of the month what they ask for, they do not have money to make a big market and close themselves, that is why I take appropriate measures for the situation. disinfection, quick attention, distance between clients, regular use of antibacterial and face masks.

at night I take out my watercolors and paint :3

how are you doing in this quarantine?

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