Beautiful & Cold Golden Morning.

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Hello friends.

In this post I share photographs of Beautiful & Cold Golden Morning. This photograph is explaining the beauty of Golden morning with full of Mountains all around. In this photograph I try to click my friends standing in canter with beautiful tents. The sun ray come behind the mountains and it is making beautiful golden line. The first ray of sun makes Fog on mountains golden and it is beautiful view. This photograph is taken from the top of the Kedarkatnha hills. This is really beautiful view of Foggy Golden Mountain and Blue sky with dark clouds at the morning time. This is god make nature which is incredible. It is Fresh clear and awesome weather over there.


2nd photograph the half sun behind the clouds looks beautiful. Mountain layers make this photograph more beautiful. The blue sky with black clouds is perfect combination. I like this photograph very much.


In 3rd photograph the sun comes out behind the clouds make beautiful and golden morning. This place is the heaven on the earth. It is gorgeous view from top of these hills.


4th photograph the beautiful Golden Rays Make this mountains golden. White snow on mountain looks amazing with golden sunlight. This is one of best view at morning time. I hope you like this photograph.


5th photograph I try to click the frozen food vessel with golden morning.i hope you like this photograph.

This is the beautiful Golden morning from top of the Brahmatal Hill's. This Hills with golden rays and fog at morning time is giving charm to this picture. It looks more wonderful at morning time. This place is known for the nature beauty. This photograph is telling that how beautiful place this is. The height of Brahmatal Hill's top is 12250feet from ground level. This is located at Chamoli district, Uttarakhand State India.

This photograph is taken from iPhone XS f/1.8 Focal length 4mm.

If you like these photographs then please upvote and comment on it so your comment will inspire me to share more good photographs.

Thanks for visit.


As always very beautiful!

@tipu curate

Lovely shots my friend!

Thank you sir.

Nice Shots my friend!! :)

Thanks for visit.

great trip and photos

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Thank you...

Such beautiful views and golden light

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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