Beautiful view of mountains from flight.

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Hello Friends

In this post I am sharing Beautiful view of mountains from flight with snow and clouds. This is really beautiful view of mountains from flight. I try to share my experience with you by these photographs. This is very beautiful place for visit. This photograph is taken during return back to ladakh trip. The White Mountain makes this picture more beautiful. This is god make nature which is incredible.


2nd photograph I try to capture the White Clouds and Mountain with white snow. The valley between these mountains makes beautiful view. This White Clouds is looks Beautiful in front of this mountain. I hope you like these photographs. This is the real nature beauty from top.


3rd photograph I try to click close up view of mountains. The beautiful Plants and the small groups of grass on the mountains enhance the beauty of mountain with green tones. This is really beautiful view.


4th photograph I try to capture the beauty of white clouds with green hills. This is really amazing combination of green vs. white. I am sharing some more photos from different angel of same locations I hope you like this photographs.


This photograph is taken during return back from ladakh with my friends. It is located in Jammu and Kashmir State, India. Ladakh is Beautiful place for visit. I really enjoy this trip. The White Mountains looks tiny from flight. We can see the beauty of these mountains from these photographs. I will share more photographs of this trip on my next blog. I hope you enjoy this photograph.

This photograph is taken from Apple iPhone 5 f/2.4 Focal length 4mm.

If you like these photographs then please upvote and comment on it so your comment will inspire me to share more good photographs.

Thanks for visit.


Great moments captured from the flight

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Thank you..

You share a great pictorial story

I love those moments on the plane. Yet I wish I could jump out a few times to explore the mountains. Wouldn't that be a cool idea.

That was amazing moment to see the view of mountain from higher.

That was amazing
Moment to see the view of
Mountain from higher.

                 - tussar11

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Impressive images, give some vertigo ...