Beautiful sunlight on edge of mountain.

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Hello Friends.

This photograph is telling the real beauty of green hills with cloudy Blue sky and sunlight on edge of mountain. The Stunning cloudy scene at the edge of the hills makes this photograph beautiful. The White clouds are trying to hide top of mountain. This is really wonderful and most beautiful view of nature. This photograph is taken during the valley of flowers trekking. This valley is full of beautiful flowers and small plants. This is god make nature which is incredible. It is Fresh clear and awesome weather over there. In this photograph I try to capture formation of white clouds with green mountains. This place is the heaven on the earth.


2nd photograph I try to capture two beautiful triangular mountain with golden mountain in its background. In canter of mountain with golden sunlight makes this photograph amazing. This is really beautiful view.


3rd photograph edge of mountains is looks shiny and beautiful with sun light. It is also covers the beauty of mountains with white clouds. White clouds look beautiful with blue sky in background. I hope you like this photograph.


4th photograph the Paths of water has run on hills it is makes this photograph amazing. I also try to capture the beauty of white clouds with mountains. I hope you enjoy these photographs.


5th photograph I try to capture greenery with beautiful white clouds. The beautiful Plants and the small groups of grass on the mountains enhance the beauty of mountain with green tones. This is really beautiful view.

This valley is full of the beautiful flowers and Green nature. This can be seen in above photographs. This place is the heaven on earth with full of beautiful flowers. This photograph is taken during the Valley of Flowers trekking. Nearest airport for reach this valley is in dehradun city it is 287 km Away. From there we have started our journey by road till gobind ghat. It is 265 km from the dehradn by road. We stay one night at gobind ghat. Next morning we started out trekking to the valley of flower by walk. Our base camp was at Ghangaria which is 14 to 15km from the gobind ghat. The Valley of flower is located in the Chamoli District Uttarakhand state India. Height of this valley is 3300 to 3650 meters above sea level.

These photographs are taken from Google pixel 2 F/1.8 Focal length 4mm.

If you like these photographs then please upvote and comment on it so your comment will inspire me to share more good photographs.

Thanks for visit.


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Thank you..

Mountains playing with cloud formations running through makes for ideal photography with feeling, thanks @tussar11

The clouds floating along the cliffs, excellent shot.

i glad you like it @hafizullah

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