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Greetings to all communities, welcome back to my blog. In this opportunity I will present a swimsuit that I made in crochet thread of purple color, at first it was to weave for my size 34, but the thread that I used was very finite and I was getting small so I decided to make a small size and leave it for my daughter, anyway I was also going to make hers of the same color. I got so distracted doing the swimsuit that I didn't realize to take pictures, so I had to glue it in paint to show the step by step design of the swimsuit.

Source: from the author @xeliram taken from instangram:

The pattern gets it in the following link Cropped de Crochê, there you will find step by step how to make this beautiful swimsuit.

The materials used are: Purple crochet thread, scissors and needle for weaving.

The first thing he made was the flower from there, it was split to make the pentagon shown in the figure.

Source: Photo taken by the author @xeliram on a cell phone Samsung

Then take two sides of the pentagons, and weave high dots but to look that way you must take a single loop (the back loop).

Source: Photo taken by the author @xeliram on a cell phone Samsung

When I get the desired length I start with the decreases. We work one side and from there we make the strips both the strips that we tie in the back, as the strips from the top of the bathing suit, the strips that we tie to the neck and then work the other side, culminating with the bathing suit.

Source: Photo taken by the author @xeliram on a cell phone Samsung

Then I made mine, making the largest pentagon and as I stay low on the sides make a strip for me to be more covered.

Source: Photo taken by the author @xeliram on a cell phone Samsung

Note: The photos were taken by the author @xeliram

by @crosheille

I am Marilex Porteles, Mathematics teacher, researcher, dreamer, I like weaving, swimming and I am the mother of a beautiful girl.

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You did such a beautiful job on this! What a cutie pie she is! 😊

Beautiful - I love the "flower" in the middle :)

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