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RE: [Announcement] Official end of nTOPAZ service / [공지] nTOPAZ 서비스 공식 종료 발표

in #ntopaz10 months ago

WOW!!! What a bad news, I had not seen this... because yesterday was that my Internet returned but if I realized that things were rare until I clashed with this post and I realized the reason.

This is very unfortunate, in #Ntopaz, I met many interesting people and artists, great people that thanks to you I could afford to meet you, it was a great project and I am filled with nostalgia to read that now they are saying goodbye... I would like That they have not had such losses and that the project continues, I can only say goodbye and wish them well.

Thank you very much for letting me belong to the team and supporting me in many moments since I entered the platform... very grateful to @Ntopaz, it really hurts that they are saying goodbye. :(

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