NULS Chain Factory - Deploy a blockchain in seconds !

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NULS will soon deploy their main product Chain Factory to the mainnet. Chain Factory will allow anyone without any technological knowledge to deploy a full blockchain with their own parameters with a single mouse click.

You want a blockchain with POW ? You got it.
You want a blockchain with POS ? You got it.
You prefer DPOS ? You got it.
You want POC ? done.
You want to code your own consensus module ? Done.
You want a public chain ? Done.
Why not a private one ? Also done.
Permissionless ? Sure.
Private business and Permissioned ? Of course.
Securities tokens ? No problem.
DAPPS and full turing complete ? Done.
Your own nodes to secure the network ? Done.
2000 TPS per second on your subchain ? No problem.
Want your subchain to connect to bitcoin ? Done.
What about ethereum ? Done.
Fast blocks ? Done.
Your own explorer in seconds ? Done.
Your own wallet ? Done.
Cross chain capabilities ? Done.

NULS Chain Factory will allow anyone to create with a single click a blockchain with any parameters they want using modules that can be customized from A to Z to do anything you can imagine.

NULS is the last blockchain you will need, NULS Chain Factory wizard will be extremely simple to use, cost effective and highly secure.

A few use cases

Real estate complex

Let's say that you are building a real estate complex and wish to sell shares (securities) to your share holders. You can create your own blockchain with any parameter you like in a few seconds. The cost to deploy a blockchain for your business is close to zero ! You are in control of everything.

IoT Product

Are you building the next Fitbit and you want it on blockchain ? You need a secure, robust and fast blockchain to keep the users data safe. Create your own blockchain with the settings you need in a few seconds with a single click of your mouse ! Your users will love your blockchain product.

Stable coin

With NULS Chain Factory you can create and deploy a stable coins in seconds ! You are in control of the supply, of the mining, of the nodes, anything you want. NULS high performance will not let you down for your business and your stable coin.

Gambling business ?

You wish to open a casino on blockchain but don't know how to do ? NULS Smart contracts and NULS Chain Factory will allow you to do so in a few days only ! You can start your own trustless casino tomorrow on NULS ! All you need are Java developers to write the smart contracts, the blockchain will be deployed in a few seconds with Chain Factory.


You want to run an ICO ? NULS ICO smart contract and Interoperability features added by Bitmain will allow you to accept NULS, BTC, BCH and ETH for your ICO ! Then you will be able to build your decentralized project on NULS, by using Chain Factory you can deploy your blockchains in seconds and use your funds to build your business instead of reinventing the wheel.

Create your own cryptocurrency

Maybe you want to create a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin ? For fun or for your business, NULS Chain Factory will allow you to do it in just a few seconds, without any knowledge . Anything you can imagine can be developed into a new NULS module. You imagine it and the community will build it.

Want to check who already signed up to build on NULS ?

Check this list :

You want to build your blockchain on NULS ? Please contact an admin on the telegram channel :

Some of the companies working with NULS

MC Payment
Ulysses Capital
Sakae Holdings
+NDA companies

NULS Price has stabilized for 6 weeks

I believe that most of you are interested in capital increase and price increase. NULS price has stabilized at the same level for the past 6 weeks making it a great support level and a low risk entry level.

NULS is listed on Binance on all pairs, USDT included. Binance doesn't add USDT pairs for shitcoins, Binance due dilligence is now very strict, do the math.

With Chain Factory release around the corner we can expect a marketing campaign from the NULS core team. Also Yang Lin, core investor of NULS announced a listing on a Korean exchange before the end of the year.

Do your own research before you invest, I personally invested in NULS, I hold NULS coins, I'm the owner of 2 NULS nodes on the network and I strongly believe that we have a winner here. This is not investment advice, I'm not a financial advisor, just a community member like you.

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 12.59.14 AM.png

NULS Official channels :

Official Telegram :
Official News Telegram :
Official Twitter :
Official Reddit :
Official Medium :
Official Chinese Telegram :
Official Facebook :
Official Steemit :
Official Forum :


null could become huge

When will i be in the league of highly experienced and intelligent ict people you are brain box

about creating your own crypto that's will be great thing :)

Crypto currency would be good in every run , long short and medium term I am with you

i'ts a proyect very interesant and amazing.!!

Great stuff !!!!

Can't wait to see what they have in store for everybody! Thanks for sharing :d

share also for me.. haha

What do you mean?

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jusd kidding :D

Wow, what a project for reading my first article here :)
This is really almost all you can expect from a coin like that. This really sounds all very promising!
I only didn't understand why there are two cans on the youtube screen.. but now I get it ^^

Nice article 🙄🤔

Hey, this is really well done! People need to know about NULS, such a respected coin and great team of devs--destined to be in the top 10. Thanks for the article!

Great post. thanks for sharing!

Good article! Thanks!! :)

Great stuff! It's hard to find such complete explanations! Thank you!

NULS seems to be a successful project. After reading everything and showing that nuls is actually $1.18 right now, imagine how high it can go up in 2019?

The article is excellent. Thanks.

Give some detail on NULS nodes and how to get one.
I'm interested in knowing the staking benefits, max volume of nodes possible, minimum staking time, etc.

As many details as possible would be appreciated.

20K NULS to create an agent node, then you need to find or stake 200K NULS inside to activate the node. to calculate staking rewards
A staking agent will charge 10% of staking rewards from stakers.

Is there a guide I can use to learn about this in more depth?

Hoping for some links to lengthy blog posts or tutorials.

nyc article, very informative

good work and very helpful information.

Too good to be true? NULS requires more research on my part. Seems very promising, but I’ve been burned before...

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I know I will be using this right away! I have an idea but not the know how to make a blockchain, this will be perfect for me!

hmm that's quite interesting the tools your platform offers! one thing I would like to know is could you set up a masternode type crypto asset like pivx or dash?

preferrably with POS instead of POW like dash

Yes you can.

Good post ,,, 🙋🙋

Hey @najoh,
Am I allowed to translate this post into Indonesian?

Sure ! I would be very happy if you contact me on telegram and if you can write/translate some of these articles to indonesian !

Of course I am happy to help you, and I also follow every update of your post

It looks promising...

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interesting advertising of this product

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9ce one keep it up

Reestemeado. Excelente todo lo que sea en pro de crecer-ganar. Gracias!!!

Muy buena propuesta, seria interesante realizar uno mismo su criptomoneda. Me encanta!

Intresting, but why did the price of nuls dump so bad?

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