Deploy a Custom TRON Fullnode API to Make The Nutbox Service Stable 部署自有TRON Fullnode API服务以使Nutbox更稳定

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As the increase of Nutbox's user number, the stability of Nutbox's services is currently not very well.

In the process of interacting with the TRON blockchain, it was affected by the current limit rules of TRON's official Fullnode API, resulting in abnormal data acquisition.

In order to improve stability, it is necessary to build Nutbox's own Fullnode API to solve the current limit problem.


Deploy two servers in mainland China and the United States, and setup a load balancer for these two nodes.

Benefits to The Community

Improve the stability of Nutbox services and avoid additional TRON energy or Steem consumption.

The Schedule of Funding Plan and Project Plan

The funds of the proposal will be used for server expenses from 2021.03.15 to 2022.03.14 and the salaries of maintenan.

Total Apply: 200,000 PNUT

  • The Chinese mainland server has been deployed and put into work.
  • The US server is being deployed, and the deployment is planned to be completed by 2021.03.26 at the latest.
  • Load balancer configuration, it is planned to complete the deployment by 2021.03.28 at the latest.


ETY001 (TMePQZmyZwwYHndEqxaZrrPJjVrkRwh5Jq)

  1. Steem Witness
  2. Bitshares Witness
  3. and Steem API Node maintenan
  4. wss:// Bitshares Node maintenan
  5. Steem Blockchain Data Backup maintenan
  6. Steemit Developer

Chinese Version


随着Nutbox用户量的增长,Nutbox的服务的稳定性目前并不是很好。主要在与TRON链交互过程中,受到TRON官方Fullnode API 的限流规则影响,导致数据获取异常。为了提升稳定性,需要搭建自有的 Fullnode API 来解决掉限流问题。






该项提案的资金将用于 2021.03.15 -- 2022.03.14 的服务器开销以及维护人员的工资。

总计:200,000 PNUT

  • 中国大陆服务器目前已经部署完成投入工作。
  • 美国服务器正在部署中,计划最晚于 2021.03.26 完成部署。
  • 负载均衡配置,计划最晚于 2021.03.28 完成部署。


ETY001 (TMePQZmyZwwYHndEqxaZrrPJjVrkRwh5Jq)

  1. Steem见证人
  2. Bitshares 见证人
  3. https://api.steem.fans Steem API节点维护者
  4. wss:// Bitshares 节点维护者
  5. Steem区块数据备份维护者
  6. Steemit 开发人员


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