Nutbox listing proposal for PNUT on ionomy exchange

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Since Nutbox launched a month ago, @nutbox.mine has received the delegation of 1.27 million STEEM POWER(SP) from 100 delegators who are investors, users, developers and so on. Delegators can claim TRC-20 PNUT through the delegation of SP.


PNUT is being traded on JustSwap AMM(Automated Market Maker) which is kind of decentralized exchanges without order books. The price and 24 hours volume of PNUT have been growing up, and the halving date of PNUT was a few days ago.


To introduce Nutbox project for someone who doesn't know, I'm introducing it briefly. If you know this project well, feel free to skip these paragraphs.


Nutbox is a STEEM decentralized application incubator which uses cross blockchain technology between STEEM blockchain and TRON blockchain. Thus, in order to incubate STEEM dapps, Nutbox platform uses STEEM token economy model. If someone is delegated of STEEM POWER(SP) from delegators, this guy can curate(upvote) posts and comments based on STEEM dapps. So, authors can make money from Nutbox curation system. Therefore, steem dapps and economy will be activated.

Delegators deserve compensation from the delegation of SP. So, Nutbox platform issues TRC-20 PNUT token based on TRON blockchain. There is a PNUT/TRX liquidity pool on justswap which is AMM(Automated Market Maker). So, delegators can sell their PNUT on justswap at any time, nor wait for listing PNUT on global leading exchanges.


I've seen that STEEM forked coins like HIVE, BLURT are listed on ionomy exchange. Thus, I'm telling you why I suggest listing PNUT on ionomy exchange.


When HIVE was listed on ionomy exchange, even though HIVE was listed on the exchange the first time, the 24h volume was 0.5 BTC in average, up to 2 BTC.


How about BLURT? The recent 24 hours volume is higher rather than the beginning! You can see the change of 24 hours volume on the chart.

In my experience on their exchange, there is no market maker who uses API and automated market making. So, I'm not concerned about not real trading.

Benefits to the community

If PNUT is listed on ionomy exchange, it will be attracting more investors and getting spot light. It's the 1st step for listing PNUT on global leading exchanges like Huobi global, Binance, Upbit, Bithumb and so on.

I've contacted an ionomy employee who is in charge of listing during the last 2 weeks, and they are interested in listing PNUT. However, they charge a listing fee of $ 1,000 USD worth of Bitcoin (or USDT, LTC, DASH, or ETH).

So, I've thought about how we can prepare $ 1,000 USD for the listing fee, and discussed about the issue with @iguazi123 and @armonion. After the discussion, my proposal is as follows.


  1. If @nutbox.dao uses PNUT for the listing fee, the price of PNUT on JustSwap will plunged. Thus, @nutbox.dao considers to use SP curation revenue from POWER DOWN of SP. @nutbox.mine has the delegation of 1.27 million SP. Therefore, this account can withdraw at least $250 for the listing fee per week. The withdraw is up to 4 weeks.

  2. The recent crypto market is too fluctuating. So, after withdraw, we consider to convert STEEM to USDT(Tether) based on TRON blockchain. USDT on Tron blockchain ensures the transparency of @nutbox.dao budget.


Nov, 2020

  • contacting ionomy exchange
  • providing detailed information

Dec, 2020

  • communicating and cooperating about the listing budget with nutbox team
  • transferring the listing fee
  • adjusting listing schedule

Main task

Steem ID: @happycapital
Main task: listing PNUT on ionomy exchange

Funds requested

Steem ID: @happycapital
TRON address: TMPyuXEt6PxSjAP6iuzg23cucj32JD4D6C
PNUT(万): 10



Then from now on the PNUT becomes part of ionomy! the promise has been fulfilled. Well, the $ 1000 is missing but it is almost a fact 😁

This is excellent news.

Great initiative!

Thank you 😊

I voted this proposal. I hope it could be first step for binance, upbit.

Thank you for your voting. I also hope that it's the 1st step for Binance, Huobi, Upbit and Bithumb.