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Hi @enki, seeing that you are still randomly upvoting I thought to use that chance and try to reach you.

@stef1 account is active since 2017 and we continuously keep going and supporting Visual Art.

After being one year we decided to create a project that is supporting Artists and Photographers as they are people who create beauty but usually receive little for their works. Since then we open separate account @art-venture and upvoting Artists, running contests and Showcases when we donate the payout to Artists.

We used to have support of @kpine and @steempress but both of them gone, we still have our supporter @xpilar and luckily since June 20 we also being given the Community Curator account from Steemit Inc. @steemcurator08 with 200K SP, that we used to support Visual Artists till August.

Unfortunately from August Steemit we will not have support of Steemit Inc for Art, that means we have only our accounts for curation of Art @stef1 and @art-venture

I was wondering if you would mind to visit them and see what we are doing. It would be great if you could either delegate your Steem Power to us so that we would be able to keep curation or if you would be supporting our two accounts.

Cheers, @stef1