BREAKING: 5G is a Sterilization & Eugenics Program -- CONFIRMED

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from SGT

Deborah Tavares from joins me for this emergency broadcast recorded tonight May 7, 2018. It is now overwhelmingly obvious that the 5G rollout is a Biometric weapons system and a mass sterilization and eugenics program. Please folks, stand up and DO something about it NOW.

Thank you for tuning in. Now DO something.

Barrie Trower On 5G Microwaves ; There is No safe Place, No Where To Go

Apple 666, Artemis, iPads (infertility pads), Project Inkwell, Connect ED, E-rate, and Agenda 21-an expose with an all star cast


Sean, I'm ill.
HERE is the FULL INTERVIEW done by Richie Allen, 2 days before his original channel was targeted and subsequently TERMINATED a few days later!!!
I found it by luck a few weeks ago HERE:

I will attempt to download it as my 1st ever blog/D-tube work.
We old folks know.
You young folks are trying but still oblivious to the hardcore facts.
You Sean are NOT helping anyone by believing "Q" is the answer.
Be a Man!
Salvation comes from within, not by "Q".
It's "U" yourself folks that will make a difference.
Chickenshits abound.
How about YOU?

I fully agree with you X-, Q is not the answer, and even worse Q is a Zionist psy-op.

Sean, I challenge you to read and think deeply about the points in my two latest posts on Trump and Q:

I really appreciate the fact that sometimes you actually address the Zionist issue, but you avoid it completely with Trump and Q, why? I unfortunately can't understand with your previous Zionist observations (like the excellent Mossad WTC connection video below) that you are unable to see that Trump is Zionist stooge number 1 and Q is number 2. (Corsi is number 3.) I've tried to make it extraordinarily clear in my posts and I hope you actually read them. I think you will find them quite insightful.

Are you the creator of these video @sgtreport?

Is there an organisation investigating it and collecting signatures againts 5G? I would take part there

They are building these death towers everywhere and right upon houses in family neighborhoods where children play in the streets. Very scary times!

Sometimes I wonder why God placed me in this season. I am very awake but see the hell that awaits. God help us and God help America.

enjoy, Being awake is not an easy journey. But those of us who are are BLESSED to know the TRUTH.

Cheers sean! Resteemed

Thanks wakeup! Very much appreciate it!

4g has births down 600,000 imagine 5g at 12 times the radiation.

Yep. Dark days ahead unless we "unplug" em.

I sent you an email Sean, just confirming here that it came from me :)


I enjoyed listening to this while I was at work today. When the satanism is dealt with and removed, I feel like they are then going to then resort to 5g and AI to trick us into giving them our energy.

There are choices❗️How can you have so many scientists on and have them LIE⁉️ Of course there are choices . You can not buy their shit and go back to wired telephones . I really don’t see the big deal . I don’t really need to be 📲 phoned anywhere and at anytime . There are many ways of blocking microwave radiation . Someone just offered the tint you can put on windows to stop glare as an aid against it . We need to find solutions until we get rid of it . You can’t just go fear porn mode on sheeple without worthy suggestions . Take blue light . Easily solved by using a frosted glass with it . Your a sensationalist , and thats as dangerous as they are . Build better houses ❗️Americans are stuck building such SHIT houses ⁉️ Thin little walls . 8 inches thick ❓ Your home should be a castle with 2 feet thick walls . Barriers against anything . Instead many get blown over in tornado alley , and they don’t build basements out there❓😆 RETARDS . Sheeple got to get smarter then they are . Stop thinking of your home as a closet , and start thinking of it as a frotress to fend off anyone . Put solar panels on your roof , and get a wind mill in your yard . Stop paying for energy and start fighting them by not needing a smart meter . Line your walls with copper , silicone , and lead . But your current home designs have to change . You all build too many walls and closets . Try thinking bigger . Your home is the only place you should invest in and were MPG are reversed . Efficiency factors multiply the heavier your home is . Also protects against things like microwave radiations . You have more then 5G to worry about . The universe is a hostile environment and sheeple gotta stop believing that when something bad happens that the government has your back . You must become EVERYTHING . We are now thinking of making our own little ER , and dentistry rooms . Co-Op with others that are like minded . Cooking with cast iron is only dangerous if you don’t season the pans . Cast iron pans are not meant to be cleaned down to the iron . They’re designed to retain the grease you cook with and create a slick surface . At night I put all my electronics in ammo boxes . This stops signales from leaking out . And since my walls are insulated I just close the door to my den , and have a steel and insulated door to prevent leaks from the computers , TV , Wi-Fi tower etc etc etc . And oh yeah your TV emits too . I keep my cell phone 📲 in the ammo box next to my bed and when it rings I still hear it . Hope these suggestions help out there . We must still go after them and their agendas , and get rid of anything that endangers us or the planet . Smart meters , 5G , all microwave device that pose a threat . But we must stay alive and in good health to do it . Good luck everyone . Feel free to ask me anything . 👏👍✌️♥️👊🏻