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RE: BREAKING: 5G is a Sterilization & Eugenics Program -- CONFIRMED

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Sean, I'm ill.
HERE is the FULL INTERVIEW done by Richie Allen, 2 days before his original channel was targeted and subsequently TERMINATED a few days later!!!
I found it by luck a few weeks ago HERE:

I will attempt to download it as my 1st ever blog/D-tube work.
We old folks know.
You young folks are trying but still oblivious to the hardcore facts.
You Sean are NOT helping anyone by believing "Q" is the answer.
Be a Man!
Salvation comes from within, not by "Q".
It's "U" yourself folks that will make a difference.
Chickenshits abound.
How about YOU?


I fully agree with you X-, Q is not the answer, and even worse Q is a Zionist psy-op.

Sean, I challenge you to read and think deeply about the points in my two latest posts on Trump and Q:

I really appreciate the fact that sometimes you actually address the Zionist issue, but you avoid it completely with Trump and Q, why? I unfortunately can't understand with your previous Zionist observations (like the excellent Mossad WTC connection video below) that you are unable to see that Trump is Zionist stooge number 1 and Q is number 2. (Corsi is number 3.) I've tried to make it extraordinarily clear in my posts and I hope you actually read them. I think you will find them quite insightful.