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Struisbaai, the longest beach in the Southern Hemisphere, 14 kilometers of beach!

If you love the sun, then this is the place to go in South Africa. Much to be seen such as large Stingrays swimming in the harbor, and it is also at the southern most tip of the African continent.
We visited some friends there recently and were amazed, not only at the wildlife in the area, but also in the most stunning sun scenes that I have seen thus far!
Join me on a walk!


A Seagull flying across the face of the early moon!


As I said, 14 kilometers of beautiful white sandy beaches!


Mr. Seal sang his favorite song!
His dad Seal Armstong taught him the song, sounded like "I see skies of blue, red faces too...….".


The Agulhas Lighthouse next to the Struisbaai beach!


And here we go with the sun's effects on the beach!


A view across the small fisherman's harbor!
Two huge stingrays can at times be seen swimming around below the jetties!


This was just so beautiful that I had to show you!


What a magnificent scene here?


The sun playing beachcomber!


This was where we stayed and that sky was cinematic!

For travelers, tourists and also those that love the sun, I have placed some information and some contacts here below;

"The exact origins of the name of Struisbaai, however, is still a subject of debate. The various historical stories uncover 3 different origins for the name of the town. The first being accredited to the thatch or straw (strooi in Afrikaans) roofs of the fisherman cottages scattered along the coast".
"Another is the ostriches ("struisvogel" in Dutch) that used to call this area their home, while others believe the name was derived from an old Dutch word meaning "huge" given due to the long stretches of beach. The last origin seems more plausible as Struisbaai holds the longest beach in the Southern Hemisphere which stretches for a total of 14 kilometres".

"Struisbaai also hosts the annual Geelstertfees (Yellowtail festival) which revolves around foodstalls, artists and musical performers. Other Top Attractions in the town include the colourful, bustling Struisbaai Harbour where visitors can see the traditional fisherman bring in their daily catch and buy fresh fish. Also not to be missed, is the resident stingray Parrie making an appearance".

"The waters off Struisbaai have traditionally been treacherous for shipping, with at least 30 vessels that have run aground since 1673. One of them was the Meermin that stranded in 1766 after a mutiny by the Malagasy slaves that she was carrying, while another was the French ship Jardinière which sank 28 years later".

Source; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Struisbaai

Visitors contacts;



Note: The information sections in invereted commas (""), are not my own and duly cited.

We hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity



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There are no words to describe the beauty of God's creation

Totally agreed with you my friend.
Beyond our understanding!

What a beautiful beach view.. I wish I would visit there and spend some relaxing time .. I always prefer this kind of place for holiday...

A beautiful long beach of pure white sand my friend that stretches away for miles. The sunset scenes there are out of this world.

Having bene stuck in the office all morning its great you shared these beautiful beach shots just what I needed

But i have to ask did the seal sing better than you played LOL

You gave me an idea JJ, so I edited the post to show the song that he was singing. Of course his voice beats my playing. I think anything can beat my playing hahaha.
Oh, and congratulations! Consider yourself curated!

Off to check it out now


No need to check, as I did it and it's there my friend.
I am however interested to see the result.

What a beautiful view! I love the white sand!

Thank you my friend, one can walk oneself lame there trying to drink in all of the sights.

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

A great thank you for the kind support!
Blessings to your work!

Beautiful boat photograph with golden background. awesome photographs sir.

Glad that you liked it my friend.
Blessings and thank you!

Amazing photography! Looks like a good place to visit 😊😊

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Thank you and those long beaches were stunning my friend.


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Thank you kindly!

Very nice place. Good article and photos, I like it. Greetings.

Thank you and it is indeed a beautiful place.

I love your pics... Great travel.

Thank you my friend and glad that you liked the pictures!

The Struisbaai beach is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. In awe. Blessings always 🙏

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Thank you my dear friend and it was indeed a wonderful experience.
Next I am going to go and hunt some penguins with my camera on another one of the beaches.
My pleasure to share!

You can join the @neoxian-city photo contest. The theme is 'boat' for this week.

Oh! Now you need to tell me how to send the post to neoxian my friend?

My attempted comment was about Mr. Seal Armstrongson. And my best regards ;) I don't know why it turned out empty.

Well, edited again to kind of remind us of the original intent but...The moment is gone :)


Okay we all have moments that slip away my friend.

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I will certainly check to see if I had voted for Travelfeed as a witness.
Will also consider to post all of mt travel post via the Travelfeed front end.
Blessings to your work and thank you for the kind support!

So awesome Thank you!!!

All blessings to your work.
It is I that should say thank you!

Somewhere different, I do not believe I have been here, if we did never got to know the history, ship wrecks nor that it has such a wonderful beach.

Enjoyed the dynamic photography, the sand looks wind blown so one can imagine sailing ships being pushed up close to the land ending up in peril.

@tipu 2

Many ships have run aground there Lady Joan and one old wreck can still be seen near the beach.
Indeed a wonderful place!
Blessings and thank you for the kind support!

Stunning photos sir papilloncharity! Simply beautiful. "Seal Armstrong." lol!

Thank you Sir @janton, so you know who sang that song Lol.
Obviously gauging by the comments ,many don't Lol.

Oh yes, Louie Armstrong, what a classic song that is!

A great song indeed my friend!

Great timing with the seagull! Is it normal to see sea lions there? I want to see one outside an ocean park.
Its also nice that you’re able to get to have a great weatheron your visit by the beach!

Thank you and yes the sea lions are wild as we live near the sea!
It is now summer here in South Africa and the weather is great!

Oh. I wonder what it feels like to live near the beach area! 🏝

We are here for about 1 year now my friend and it's an unbelievably great experience to be close to both the beach and the mountains.
Blessings and thank you!

I'd love to stay on that kind of location! Just being one with nature.

It is certainly a blessing my friend and nature is indeed my best friend.
We are so glad that we found this place.

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