Limited Edition " Crypto Crown Royal " BTC Skateboard by CMMerch.

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Here is our Crypto Crown Royal Bitcoin Skateboard.



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Previous Works Of Art.


Hey @sirlunchthehost, your post was just resteemed and upvoted by @steemskate's curation trail. That's some amazing work buddy!
If you want to visit your post again just use the tag #steemskate at you next skateaording content.
Much love and #SKATEFORLIFE

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo! I def will be using the #steemskate tag now. I have alot of more boards to make and post about + apparel. Starting my own little Crypto Skating Brand. Thanks for the reach out!!!!

Dude that's awesome. So are you into designing skateboards? Did you know that we have an awesome skateboarding community called @steemskate on Steem?
That Steemfest board is my favourite. I could ride that baby all day!

More boards coming soon & video of the finished product. Im thinking about selling/making custom boards for people.