Dipped in the Golden Sun

in #oclast year

Hi there Steemians.

Just some random photos taken on the farmland here by us.

I especially love the one where the sun is glaring through the horses from behind and oh wow that beautiful sunset guys and girls its really something to behold and I feel privelaged to be able to see it every day of my life.

It really is only a bunch of random photos. Some edited here and there with a filter sticked over, some not edited at all. Some with a mono twist and some with a drama. Either say I sometimes feel that the horses always kind of poses for the photos I take of them.

The photos are not posted in any similiar order or what not. I just posted as I went along. I hope you guys enjoy them. I am kind if keen on starting to take photos of birds but that is very hard actually.














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That photo with the horses and the sun is stunning! This is a great photo essay of the rural area around you! !Tip

Hi thnnx @melinda010100 its been a while heym how are you doing lately😊😊

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Beautiful open country!

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Thank you for your efforts to create quality content.

Thanks so much @thedailysneak for your generosity!

They are ALL amazing shots but I especially like the second one of the horses.

Hi there @jaynie. Thanks alot hey that was mostly a luck shot 😊

Pleasure :) some of the best ones always are.

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