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I got the memo :)

Following reading, the main point I was going to make has already been raised by freebornangel.

Many were mining at the same time as Steemit, but 1) they stopped and restarted the race, and 2) 'promised' to use this stake for building the community. I think the 'ninja' comes from point 1, and point 2 is the main reason for the soft-fork.

I've scanned the TxPows table pretty much line by line in the past, and summed the total POWs, etc, it is interesting reading for sure. Plenty of early miners still around, and I'm sure they were made rich by Steem and the crazy inflation early on.

Inactive stake is good stake, I'm ok with lots of non-voting.

This and the last post a good read!


Thanks Asher - appreciating these comments. I agree (2) being the main reason for the soft-fork. Of course we have no idea how much Steem has been purchased in the "transaction" which could be held on exchanges/ or in other accounts. This place certainly has got very interesting in the last two weeks!

Seems the fact they stopped and restarted the race makes doing any analysis difficult......anyway it is what it is now and looking forward to 6th March now. Cheers

Definitely an interesting place to be at present.

Seems the fact they stopped and restarted the race makes doing any analysis difficult.

I think their miners broke :O And yeah, with that and the crazy inflation back then it's tough to work out just how much the miners got hold of.

6th March is not to be missed, see you there :)


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