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Hey everyone!

@ocd started off 70 days ago with 20 curators looking for undervalued quality posts from mostly new authors and it has been going really great so far and the feedback by the community has been amazing!

We have curated and promoted 5-10 posts daily and supported them with a large trail of votes while incentivizing the curators to do their best job at it and helping authors get noticed and driving more attention to their amazing posts.

OCD recently added re-steems to their activity as well after having reached over 1500 followers, starting off with 3 per day and growing organically.

Now its time to branch out and add more curators that will be looking for posts in different languages and promoting those posts in a similar fashion as the compilation posts have been doing so far.

The languages we will be starting off with have been determined a bit by the active userbase and a bit by the need of them getting more curation and attention. This is a list from Steemittraffic.com that displays the activity from different countries on Steemit and also has some other nice stats that update daily in case you hadn't heard of it before.

The languages we will start off with will be:

  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
  • French
  • Polish

We already have a dozen curators for Spanish and German in the orginal curation team so we are primarily look for a couple curators for the last 3 languages.

What your daily activities are as a curator

  • You search for original content posts (no plagiarism) that are undervalued (under $10 rewards) and nominate them for curation on our discord channel.
  • You vote on other posts by the other curators in the team to choose which ones make the daily compilation post. (also on the discord channel)
  • Since only a couple of you will be able to understand that language, the person in charge of writing the post that week won't be able to write descriptions to the post themselves so the curators will have to add short descriptions when nominating it. Preferably in both the native language and in english. (More info on that on discord later)

Reward distribution

50% of the SD from the daily multi-language posts go to all (language) curators and 50% to the ones whose nominations make the compilation post.

50% of the SP remains with the account but you get a stake in it depending on your nominations and activity. When you decide to leave the project you will receive your share in Steem/SP.

There will also be a bonus 1000 SP delegated to each curator while they are involved in the project as well!

How to apply as a curator for these posts

Simply leave a comment here telling us why you would make a good curator for the project and we will look over your application.

We are looking for 2 curators per language: Italian, French and Polish.

Bear in mind that this is just as a start and we will be looking for more in the future! Good luck!


Keep me in mind when you're in need of a Russian speaking curator!

Will do. :)

Well hello again @acidyo ! Awesome initiative and I think that's really my thing ;) As a professional translator (English, Greek, Italian, French) and a Steemit passionate fan I think I would be perfect as Italian or French curator! I love languages and steemit so since I'm online all the time anyway, why not be useful? I'm also part of another team on steemit (that I'm not really allowed to reveal :/ ) and do research anyway and report back! What do you say? ;)

Hi, I am a french living in USA so I could definitely be curator for the project with French! I am trying to have more and more visibility on Steem and would love to participate to also promote others

I have been checking your Daily OCD nomination and I have been nominated today, so I guess I get the original post that could be promoted :)

Dear @dbeauhaire, nice to read that you are french ! We welcome you in the french community under the tag #fr ! :-) We also have a Discord and a Facebook group. More details on my profil or in my website :-)
Hope to see you soon !

Hi @acidyo,i'm a romanian that lives in italy since i was 10 years old so i could be a curator for the Italian team but also for a romanian team in the future if there will be one.

Most italians don't speack english really well, but there a lot of undervalued posts written in italian and i think this intiative is very nice.

Also, thank all the @ocd team for nominating my Life Changing Quotes post !!

Nice man, we are already 2 Romanians in the team. Good luck :)

@fervi - Poland. From months I (and my colleague @lukmarcus, I hope to also apply for candidature) we are developing the tag "polish", we are trying to teach new people the Steem rules and we try to get as many people as possible to get on Steem / Steemit.

Count me in! I'm trying to vote and comment on most of Polish content everyday. My second account (only for Polish) is @marszum.

What I can add is that both of them have already proved themselves as good curators of polish content.

Hello @acidyo,

I would like to nominate myself as i am devoting my all days for three months now to the french community. But I would like also to nominate theses french fellows who are building our french community everyday.

@ixindamix, @corsica, @evildido, @ragepeanut, @planetenamek.

If there is not enought space for all of us, please, don't consider my self-nomination. We are all a good team, and I am sure they will all represent me well.

As you may know it, we already started a curation account (but very few SP). We are doing even thought an amazing work every day with few ressources. It's @francosteemvotes.

Finaly I would like. to thank you the person who informed me about this post. I think you have to selected people already involve in the french community and not someone not known.

Hi @acidyo i'm the owner of @francosteemvotes with many french curators. We all have the same project to promote french community and good contents and we work for it everyday ! We operate on a system of delegations and community votes in order to designate and vote for the items to be rewarded. However, we do not have great resources, but we strive to fulfill this task every day. I suggest that we get in touch with several of our members to discuss the conditions and the way forward that would allow us to engage in a kind of collaboration and thus increase our rewarding power. Best regards,

Hello @acidyo! I would be glad to apply for Italian :-) It would be great... I am interested in art, food, literature, photography and so on...

Incase you ever decided to introduce Hindi ( हिंदी) or Urdu(اردو) in OCD, Count my CV in for a Hindi n Urdu Translator

I speak fluent Portuguese/Brazilian if it helps 😄
English being my native language

I live in Portugal 😋

My family is from Brazil! :)

We aren't adding that language yet, mainly due to the support in curation they are already receiving.

Yes... need more Filipinos :) Thank you :)

that's a nice move, support.

Great stuff - Can't really help with the language stuff, but was actually wondering about Steemit's demographics earlier, so cheers for the steemit traffic link.

If only I could get my girlfriend who speaks and writes (traditional- HK and Taiwan) (and simplified - Mainland China) perfect Cantonese and Putonghua to join Steemit :/

I speak Spanish but it looks like that's not what you are looking for. Good luck finding what you need and I know we all appreciate you helping the community.

Well if you ever need a Filipino translator, i am down with it. 🤗🤗🤗

This is A great idea, people may be working hard and posting, yet they are not recognized well, maybe some pointers for how they will be recognized more.

Wow...i love your clipart

@upasos French and Italian!

You guys are really putting so much effort in this project!Good job;))

India languages best

Well, shit. Now I wish I would have stuck with learning German in school, lol. Hope you can find some solid helpers, man.

This is a great project and so glad I found your profile. I do not speak any of those languages but will forward anyone who does to your post.

If you need any help with english or anything I can do, please let me know. I am a new author and doing my best to build the community, as well as myself.

Thanks @acidyo!

caramba que bueno tu trabajo como me gustaría participar como curador soy venezolano en estos momentos en Colombia, ya todos saben porque la mayoría de los venezolanos estamos fuera de nuestro país, cuando abran campo para Colombia en español yo estaré allí anotandome y trabajando para ayudarte a que esta gran iniciativa siga desarrollándose con la fuerza que esta teniendo. un fuerte abrazo y mucho éxito

If you ever need a curator for Persian, then hit me up I'll help out.

What's the link to the discord?

Its only for the curators right now. :)

This is a good initiative and hopefully will help out some of the less supported quality posts in other languages. It can be hard for many who do not have great English.

Wish me luck @tarazkp ! ;)

Polish? :p

:PPPPP No haha, but not Greek either this time - Italian mainly and/or French ;)

Very good idea))) Thanks for your work)))

I'm happy to become a curator for the Ukrainian language))))

I am from Philippines, hope you will include Filipino dialects on your currator team.

Would be great to have Russian stuff as well. I could help if it will be actual. Why me? Because I am in top 10 Russian illustrator and worked with lots of famous brands and agencies from all over the world for last 10 years so I have some sense :)

I am a native Tamil speaker(Sri Lanka). I will be able to help you, if and when you add Tamil language to your project.

Hello @acidyo I would like to participate - I speak GERMAN and I am from Austria. I know you already have dozens of german speakers, but maybe you can keep me in evidence? I really would like to help other minnows in the sectors of :

Social projects
and so on.

Here is my introduction post as reference. Shoot me a message at STEEMCHAT if you want if you have questions!


Hello @acidyo,

I am actually good in French too. I would love to join this project and mainly curate french food post.
Please let me know!

Good to hear that you are speaking french.
We have few great food post underevaluate.
Have a look at my french fellow @corsica for example. We warmly welcome you to come first in the french community to discover us, to speak with us also on Discord, and get involve in our beautiful community.

Thanks so much for your message @roxane! I will have a look at the French food authors soon, and i am thinking of translating my steemit iron chef contest post and share with the French community too, I am sure many will join and hence have some support from everyone!

This is a wonderful idea @progressivechef !
I really hope you can do it ! It would be a chance for our community to have this kind of contest ! If you need any help, just tell me ! You know where to find me ;-)

My friend (in real life, I mean ;-)) @ikaputri3 that I involved on Steem few month again has participated in your contest I think and won the first edition ! Thanks for her !

For sure my friend, I am already working out on it, you will see the post soon!
Oh @ikaputri3 is just an amazing cook, she make so delicious food posts every time! The entry she made for the first edition of steemit iron chef was just awesome! I'm sure she will win many more rounds!

Awesome initiative, this is a great opotunity for tgihos who speak Italian, polish and French.. A very good way to go, I only regret that I don't have the capacity to speak those languages.. Weld one for the goodwork @acidyo

@acidyo Excellent... Motivating and it will make me joyful to check out effort and resolve prevail. Adore it..

What a wonderful initiative. I speak Greek fluently but don't know if I could be that good as I don't speak it as much as I should and would like. I admire the whole idea as language is important and although English is my mother tongue I love languages and do have a smattering of Italian and French. When I wrote a lot living in Greece my writing was called upon to write for non-English language speakers. I believe clarity is important provided the nuances aren't forgotten. Good luck with this great idea.

Hello @acidyo, I am from Brazil, we are slowly developing our Portuguese language community, I noticed that you do curatorial projects, this is fantastic I appreciate very much the work that you offer the Steemit platform, and the way you think of help your neighbor 👏, When you need a curator for Portuguese, I am at your disposal, Brazil is a country with a continental dimension and has great potential for users in social networking issues, Brazil is one of the first in the world in active users, and would do a job of helping those who are starting because the first days are very important and crucial because the user can abandon if it is not seeing some result.
And in the near future you could offer a curatorial project for Brazil. I thank you!

Good luck to all! 😊

I'll keep you in mind when we grow to more languages, thanks. :)

Thank you! It will be an honor to be able to participate in your project, and thank you for the opportunity you offer to the Steemians. I'll be waiting for possible chances! Thank you! 😊

Thanks @acidyo for supporting community.. after those language, you should consider Indonesia language in the next list, because we have large community here especially from Aceh Indonesia, with tons of good content, please support us

Hi there, I'm fairly new to Steem but I'm looking to get involved as much as I can, I'd like to help promote quality content since i'm sick of internet being plagued with plagiarism and poor content, and mostly, poor content shining instead of quality content that might have been missed or not seen enough.

I am fully french living in France that lived 5 years in the UK and 6 years in italy, I am fluent in english and pretty decent at Italian.

I have done a lot of translation work in the past French- English and vice versa :)

Great great stuff, even tho I speak only Balkanish and English, I SUPPORT ALL NATIONS on @steemit! Props, @acidyo for taking care!


Which Balkanish? :) I am waiting for the Hungarian curation.

We should start to write Hungarian posts first on steemit... :)

Why not! Thanks for the support! I hope we keep in touch! feel free to contact me in chat ;)

Slovenian, Serb-Croatian... NO Hungarian :(

balkanish? what language would that be?


Things from Balkan.... lolz.. I am Slovene, but understand and speak Serb-Croatian-Bosnian... Balkanish...


coming soon. Spanish above!!!!

Russian native speaker is already here. Just give me a sign if you need a curator ;-)

If a post contains only a photograph and a title for it, can it count as a good quality post? :)

Sorry, other than English, only understand Chinese.

Nice to see how you are opening this great idea into new languages

wow this is just awesome <3 thanks for what you doing for the community bro <3 you said you have so many in spanish lenguage :( i could be of help in that categorie

Looking forward for Filipino Language. 😎😎😎

Hey @acidyo Im a native Spanish speaker and my English skills are great as well. Lived in the United States Argentina and Brasil I would love to be part of the OCD team. Im signing up as a spanish curator. Thank you for your time and effort.

In case, you come looking for a Nigerians curator, I will love to help and be a part of the OCD team. I appreciate ur works