OCD is migrating to the Smoke Network, we found a cure for OCD

in #ocd3 years ago

I am announcing that OCD is now going to migrate and curate on the smoke network, if you thought OCD stands for Operation Curation Delegation, that was just a cover up. All our members have actual OCD and we realized that smoking helps cure it.

Me and the founders of the smoke network are friends since elementary school, while they were working on the smoke network I was having a break from smoking and created OCD on Steem to test curation as a group. My OCD came back hard so I needed a lot of free delegation.

We used the delegation to reward our curators for the work they did, of course we told them in time about the smoke network so most could power down in time and buy in.

This is all coincidental btw, we loved Steem but the founders of Smoke are rewarding me with a ton of tokens to become the first curation group on their blockchain and make it look like curation doesn't work on Steem.

To all the whales that didn't support the posts we curated, you are the reason it went this way, the few private investors on smoke will do a much better job at curating new users, you'll see!

The biggest reason we are leaving are the couple issues that are getting fixed on the next hardfork, that's why we are leaving on the same day. We swear we didn't know there are super cheap ways to create accounts instantly with 0.1 Steem and some delegation with our 70k SP we've earned so far even though a lot of members let us know about them.

We didn't feel great about the low amount of views the posts we curated had gotten so to make it seem like they've gotten even less rewards for their viewcount we made sure all posts had a minimum of 7 views constantly and let users open a lot of tabs to game the viewcounter even more, the more active the posts we curated looked the better our project seemed. If there were only a few posts tagged with ocd-resteem that day, we just started showing duplicates on our front-end.

If some people talked badly about us, it doesn't matter what content they were producing, we told eachother to put them on a blacklist.

The only decentralized aspect about our project were the natural rewards our posts got from Steem investors.



Is there any way I can follow OCD's voting trail on Smoke?

We're not really migrating with OCD to Smoke. :D
It was just a joke about what Dlive did. Bumping this comment up in case others didn't get it. :P

This is great news. I'm looking forward to fix all the issues I didn't know weren't actually issues.

Seriously talking, maybe someone will replace @OCD on Steem. Someone will do it just better. Next time we don't need to settle for OCD, we can have something else. Like Superb Turbo Decentralization. STD!

From this day forward, by STD's will go live!

STD is going to spread fast I predict.

Good thing I've already premined some.

whaaaaa?? i didn't know you could ninja mine STDs...

well the STD distribution is not fair then... we need to air drop the STDs...

I'll help you acid, don't worry... we will figure this out.

Well the important thing is to get investors aboard. The ninja mining might upset some, but it's important to get them see why they should pay for STDs!

Are you planning to be the STD whale?

It is a PoI algorithm. Proof of Intercourse.

My plan is to mine STDs on multiple platforms at once, but my wife won't let me do it. She's just screaming "Don't bring those hookers in our bedroom!"

its gonna be viral...

I've managed to gather a team with my STD's and they're working hard to make it reach everyone.

You don't want to be left without it.

I don't think you can mine it. You have to catch it instead.

So we are moving from an extractive model towards a sustainable hunter-gatherer model is this what you are saying?

The greatest hunter have the most STDs.

Trying to catch STDs is a funtime activity for the whole family.

I want to know how to get an STD..... vote 😂

Please, apsu..... give me an STD! 🙃💪😉

I'll need to get STD up and running first. You'll be the first one to know!

STD?? Wow!! Such a wonderful name, Superb Turbo Decentralization... Feels good!


Maybe you could also make a product that is more like a mainstream product that you’ll have no chance competing with.

I’m glad the community is standing up together on this.

One thing I can say, good luck pushing an app without your user base. Duuuuuuuuuh.

Don't be silly of course we're going to have a user base because people have faith in our project. Plus, we're giving away 100 worthless SMOKE but, that's just because we appreciate our community, it's not under any circumstances to steal them away since they wouldn't join otherwise.

Hey bro, don’t be talking about smoke like that. It isn’t “worthless”. It’s a diamond in the rough. I hear Joe Rogan is about to buy in.

Hmm, you sure about that? I'll FOMO into buying all the SMOKE available on the market in that case and sell it later to Rogan. #SmokeMillionaire

You had me for a second but then I remembered, it's ACID!

The whole situation is fucked up. Personally, I'm still in shock and wondering what to do now but, STEEM ON bro! All my projects there were to support firstly STEEM Blockchain, so it was easy to continue to do it on @vimm.


Don't be worried, someone will come and scoop up the lucrative position and add even more competition VS dtube and vimm. I'm not worried, just pissed that they played the platform, investors, and community like a damn fiddle.

Don't get me wrong, I'm staying on STEEM 100%... And yeah, the whole situation is really annoying. People will be people -.-

Ah this is the first I'm hearing about all of this. Especially the STD's....

Just checkout out Smoke.io tho, looks a bit hazy ;)

Waiting for an account to get a clearer view. Maybe there's a greener side to the grass who knows...


Haha the smoke.io connection was just for fun and accidental timing before the launch I had no idea was going to happen the very next day. :D

Been waiting for it to launch in forever though, cya there!


Do I have to backstab someone to join this smoke network or is it free to join?

joke master XD

I'm sensing innuendos here, exactly what @wa7 tried to say, cheers! Lol I'm glad I noted it lol


is smoke network mainnet out? when did that happen?

(Psssst, it is sarcasm ;-))

Such sarcasm. Much wow.

you know... this is basically your style right here... you should feel robbed... I say you join the STD airdrops discussed above.

I already attend STD counselling.

That. Right there. My day, it made.


Happy I am for you.

smoke and mirrors 😂

I'm just here laughing my ass off. RIP to OCD and good luck with the smoke thing. Steemit will survive without your mf pseudo support you gave it. Now is the time to separate the grains from the chaff. Never quit smoking and never stop dying young.

I got the joke

Finally.... the Smoke is out of the bag.

I almost took this seriously! Don't do that to us! 😅

lmao smoke 'em if ya got 'em people... this is a great piece <3

I came here looking for Elliott...

We were looking for him too!

SMOKE here we come, cant wait to find private investors on that chain.


During their airdrop. I did some task but I haven't checked smoke.io in a while. I will hit that place soon. Glad that the founder is your elementary school friend. Moving your OCD crew over smoke platform is a great move.

Wait I think I have OCD too. Is it too late to join?

These are the moments I feel proud to be an OCD curator, may SMOKE live forever!

Btw, you forgot to mention that we're giving away 100 SMOKE to each user that is migrating at once with us since we want it to look like a lot of people are joining naturally because they believe in our project. Or, wasn't I supposed to say that?


Where can I claim my smoke? I've run out of bud!!! ;-)

Send us your email address, your credit card details, and a copy of your ID, and we will contact you soon. :)

How can someone join here?

The post and my comment are meant as a joke; they are just sarcasm. :)

You are a humorist :)

I'm happy if you want to be friends with me :) :)

This is marvelous news! It's... FREEDOM...!

Now let me see... the Smoke Network... as I recall, it's somewhere near he Mirrors Constellation, across from a giant Black Hole.

Good Choice!


I actually had someone from their team telling me that the white paper in steem was called blue paper...




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Wow ... Start my day reading @meno's post about the "exit" of @Dlive and now this ...

Up in "smoke" ...

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Interesting... I have no idea what’s going on ... I’m too high man.

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I’m so confused... why did I smoke that blue Dream? Too much man. Too much.

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I know about CBD and THC ... I need to investigate these STD’s ... whose got some ?

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What do you think about Partiko points ? 6,900 partiko points = .41 Steem

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See you on smoke! :)

This joke almost made me cry. Dahm

Har, harr, harrr!

I had not been curated even once by OCD but that is ok.

Nice joke, lmao

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Hahaha. It almost got me😜

Excellent isn't it? Hopefully any remaining DLivers that haven't seen the light can finally understand with this gem.

I so love Jimmy and this hurts T∆T

Correction : all them I met

I formerly shared a similar feeling. The number of 'miscommunications' him and other DLive team members have given me I can't say I feel the same any longer. #DLies

No smoke without fire.

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Pls notice that we will unvote your post if don't support our by from this horrible platform.

LOL. Thank you so much for this post @acidyo. You make me laugh so hard! those lines:

Me and the founders of the smoke network are friends since elementary school,

The biggest reason we are leaving are the couple issues that are getting fixed on the next hardfork, that's why we are leaving on the same day.

Smile about this kind of situation is a good way to let it go and learn about it. Reading and reading about the dlive subject, i was able to learn about the platform and i was really happy to see the whole community in a group against the greedy and inmoral behavior. This experience let us more good things that bad ones.

Although it is funny to read this parody of dlive, you did use it a lot and wasn't critical about it as far as I saw. Thoughts?

Loool you almost had me believing. Good one

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When there is smoke there is fire!

You must be the wood then.. Lol😂

Almost believable expect it’s not trending so it just can’t be true. As we all know someone who would do such a thing would try and get into trending thinking they were doing the best thing eeeeeevvvvvveeeeeerrrr--- pukes a little bit.

Thanks for the laugh I’m sure it will cure many things.

i know what do u mean acidyo, that is fun :) haha

Woah this went way over my head at first. Happened to stumble across a flagged Dlive post, followed through and... ahhh now I chuckle


I'll smoke to that.. maybe I'll move #themorningbowl to SMOKE and LINO.. I love worthless tokens.. reminds me of my wooden nickel collection

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I'm really clueless to what the offensive central defender is migrating???

Well, your first paragraph almost got me in.

How can ocd find our post and what sort of posting criteria ocd chooses?

@acidyo @ocd ?

Thank you for your support, which received my posts from your project! I'm sad you're leaving.

Always wondered what OCD meant at Steem lol

Hey ! Thanks for support. And I’m also sad that you are going to leave ✌️ I bet many users had open up new accounts there in smoke now 😅

Does that mean that OCD will be idle for a while? I don't think I understand it well.

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I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

@ocd is going to smoke network, that's great news. I'll await ocd on the smoke network.

Mainnet has launched, the smoking season just got started, lol...

This is so sad alexa play despacito

Did you also got a 20 million dollar ICO with a token called the weed coin?

smokeon ... :-D

where can I buy these SMOKE tokens? ;)

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