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RE: OCD is looking for curators of other languages!

in #ocd4 years ago

Hello @acidyo, I am from Brazil, we are slowly developing our Portuguese language community, I noticed that you do curatorial projects, this is fantastic I appreciate very much the work that you offer the Steemit platform, and the way you think of help your neighbor 👏, When you need a curator for Portuguese, I am at your disposal, Brazil is a country with a continental dimension and has great potential for users in social networking issues, Brazil is one of the first in the world in active users, and would do a job of helping those who are starting because the first days are very important and crucial because the user can abandon if it is not seeing some result.
And in the near future you could offer a curatorial project for Brazil. I thank you!

Good luck to all! 😊


I'll keep you in mind when we grow to more languages, thanks. :)

Thank you! It will be an honor to be able to participate in your project, and thank you for the opportunity you offer to the Steemians. I'll be waiting for possible chances! Thank you! 😊