Searching for 5 Plankton Steemians to be turned into Minnows!

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Hey everyone! For those who aren't very up to date with the witness related stuff going on around Steem, it's been a few months since @ocd-witness became a top 20 - thanks for all of you out there who show us your support by approving us as one of the main witnesses.

Since then, we decided to use some of the Steem Power we have to "turn plankton users into minnows" by delegating them enough Steem Power so they can reach 500 SP and they can use their vote slider.

This is called "Operation Slider Delegation" and you can read more about it here.

A summarized explanation of OSD is as follows:

  • We pick a few Steemians a week based on their engagement with other users, post quality and overall involvement with Steem.
  • We delegate to these users enough SP so they can have a slider - 500 Steem Power.
  • We support these Steemian's posts with votes from @ocd-witness, @acidyo and @anomadsoul and an occasional @ocd nomination for superb posts.
  • As the users grow on SP, we start to lower our delegation so the user always has 500 SP until one day, the Steemian has their very own 500 SP.

This is one of the ways we are trying to encourage engagement and support valuable authors while at the same time, contributing to create a Steem middle class - this term was invented by someone else, perhaps it was @abh12345 or @tarzkp, maybe it was someone else, but we like that term in @ocd.

So far we are delegating enough SP to reach their slider to 26 Steemians and we already helped 4 to reach Minnow status!!

#### Since this is an initiative focused on the community, we would like to have some input from you. Perhaps we are missing out on some amazing engagers, or incredible content creators and we would like you to inform us about those Steemians :)

If you know about someone who fulfills the next criteria please let us know in the comment section:

1 - Has less than 500 Steem Power.
2 - Is not powering down - and hasn't powered down before.
3 - Is not an alt account of another Steemian.
4 - Has been part of Steem for at least one month.
5 - Posts quality posts more than 2 times a week and engages in other people's content.

We will consider all of the Steemians mentioned in the comment section up until 72 hours after this post was published. Those Steemians who are eligible will get a Steem Power delegation, perhaps it will be this monday or maybe next monday, depending on the Steem Power @ocd-witness has available.

If you like this initiative, you might want to vote for @ocd-witness as witness here or if you want, you can set me up as witness proxy here.


These steemers might have nominations from the list @abh12345 put on this post.


I'm thrilled to see this plan!!! Thank you from all the little people who get a chance here.

709 Red Fish found based on your criteria above (without checking alts and time on Steem) put through the Engagement League Criteria, these are the top 20 odd.

A quick check through @angelro's content makes me feel he could be deserved of a boost?

Good stuff!

Thanks so much for this info, will definitely check it out and perhaps help out some of the most engaging Plankton out there! :D

No worries man, good luck :D

Thank you @simplymike much appreciated. Without the support of the bigger guys around here it will indeed take us forever to grow. @nomadsoul great initiative. I hope one day I'll grow as such that I can do the same for the little fishies in the pond. ☺️

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Thank you so much for always standing by me and wanting to lift me up to grow. I really appreciate all and will forever be

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@simplymike you the real MVP, thanks for pointing out to these users, I'll check them out over next few days.

Great contest @anomadsoul & @ocd-witness!
Was planning on a similar one. But since you have way more capacities then I have on all ends I'd like to introduce to one of my favourite Steemian newbies..
@jalentakesphotos should get more attention & support from the community from my POV. I try my best, but it's still not enough. And he's just one good example of many. No disrespect. Let's work on that!
Let's make Steem a vital place for upcoming content creators! 😊🤩

Hey there, it's good to see other projects doing the same, everyone contributes as much as they can and there's no little effort, thanks for what you do to the community and we will consider Jalen for the programm :)

Thank you so much for the recommendation @roger.remix and your kind words

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can they be spanish speakers? also when is OCD going to do curation of spanish post? there is so much quality material in that community they deserve some love!

That's what we are trying to achieve with @votomasivo.

At the moment we are only focusing in english written content/authors, in the near future we will reactivate spanish curation :)

What a lovely initiative. I can relate with this because that was exactly what @shenanigator personally did for me. I would never forget that. I am sure there are lot of people deserving of this. Well done.

I wouldn't mind having a look at @bookoons and @adejoke16.

Thank you.

Thanks for the nomination dear @olawalium

You fully deserve it. I like your drive, energy and good heart. Well done, dear.

That's great to hear, I didn't know Shenanigator was doing that, kudos to that Steemian! :D

Thanks for the suggestions, will check them out tonight!

I want to nomite @mrhill!

Really awesome attitude and eager to grow.

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Good to hear from you man! Will check mrhill as soon as possible!

Un saludo.

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Thank you :-)

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Is not powering down - and hasn't powered down before.

I've powered down before, but I still have a thousand reasons you should include me in this initiative. I had to power down to meet an urgent need and I stopped immediately it was met. I'm not justifying my act though, just a way to let you know I appreciate steem and its platforms and I'm here to stay.

One click on my blog will confirm my claim to posting quality contents. I'll like to nominate myself, @afolwalex as one of the planktons to receive a delegation.

Some time it's hard not to power down and there are understandable situations that justify powering down, I've done it before and I know what it feels like.

Will consider this, but we are giving priority to people who haven't powered before, thanks for you input.

Alright. Thanks for the reply.

I just voted for @ocd-witness and plan to delegate some SP to your initiative. I had done a similar thing for a user whose content I really liked. This definitely helps accelerate the process for those with limited exposure and small accounts.

Thanks so much for the witness vote. As you say, this type of actions really benefit the community, let's hope more people do that in the future!

This is really a nice approach from you and I really appreciate this.....

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Great initiative!

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Excellent initiative!

It is really great opportunity to small steemians with low resource credits. After having your support might they can outstandingly perform on steemit plate with having chance of passive income.But at the end of this comment I whole heartedly want to thank my best friends @simplymike and @blacklux who really show their genuine support to me.

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The RC is a huge problem for small users, we hope to encurage interaction and engagement by delegating this SP to them. Thanks for the suggestions, we will look into them soon.

You got a 66.56% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @anomadsoul! :)

@ocdb is a non-profit bidbot for whitelisted Steemians, current max bid is 40 SBD and the equivalent amount in STEEM.
Check our website for the whitelist, queue and delegation info. Join our Discord channel for more information.

If you like what @ocd does, consider voting for ocd-witness through SteemConnect or on the Steemit Witnesses page. :)


Hello I think it's an excellent initiative and also very necessary for the maintenance of assets. I have grown thanks to the effort and dedication to do this, published daily and sometimes included weekend. I need a little boost but i'm sure I can move soon, I nominate as myself if possible. Thanks and successes in the project.

We will definitely consider you, thanks for approaching us :)

I have an idea similar to that😊 And that would make it faster.
Since you're a top 20 witness, would you consider and promote it?
Or if other witness ranks is interested in this, please help promote it and contact me, I'll vote for him/her.

I'll check the post tonight and get back to you.

I think I've seen her content, the name rings a bell, will check out her profile :) Good to hear from you, I hope you're doing great in German lands!

meh... adjusting! It's been 14 degrees here today... 😰

I would ike to nominate @jacey.boldart. She puts a lot of work into her original posts and comments for very little return.

Thanks Gillian.... that was very kind of you. :)

Hey Jill, good to hear from you! I'll check the user as soon as possible and act accordingly :) I hope you are doing amazing :)

Great initiatives to help newbies...

Una estupenda iniciativa para todos los que somos pequeños, genera motivación de continuar activos, además propicia esperanzas de continuar porque hay personas reales más arriba que desean en bienestar de la comunidad. Felicitaciones por la idea y los aportes. Buena vibra.

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I think this is something great, there are excellent steemians with great content that a help of this kind would be great for them. This time I would like to nominate @lenonmc21

woohoo a fab way to help :D Im loving it. Im mooore then happy to help & delegate, give me a shout out , if your intressted :)
I will nominate @dkkarolien she do great stuff here & are always nice and funny :D

Aaaww thank you @swedishdragon much appreciated. I but try my best. 😊❤️

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your so welcome sunshine, a dragon do what a dragon can & you keep doing you :D good luck :D

💞 Sending love to Sweden 💞

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Hey man, how's Sweden doing??!!
How about helping out with curation? Hit me up on discord if you are interested in curating.
That name rings a bell, I think we've curated her before with OCD, I'll check out her blog and hopefully she meets the requirements. Thanks for the input.

Good morning :D, sweden reports iffy weather, some undefined wet crap.. O.o ;)
Dm sent :)
Awww awsomesause, i hope she meets the criteria :D thanks for tossing the giveaway :D

@anomadsoul please verify that you got DM...

this looks like a very nice thing to do for the steemit people

Resteemed this article. I nominate @tegoshei @tama.arin @areuspicy. Thank you for supporting Steem community.

Hey Yasu, thanks for your comment my friend. Good to hear from you, I hope everything is going great. I'll check out the users you mention here :)

I want to nomite @kan6034.
Thank you.

Que buen proyecto, formar una clase media que pueda ver su ascenso y crecer con su ayuda,
hay una usuario que considero muy buena y la propongo ella es @mllg

May I nominate @creativestreet to have ocd's support to be a minnow?
We've been collecting the rewards for the charity I am holding ever since I started here on steemit. :)

I nominate users @borjan, @bambuka, @extractum-lunae, @dkkarolien
they comply all criteria, as far as I can see. if its not too late, ofc.

ps. a huge thanks for what you are doing.
your help is unvaluable.

Why thank you for nominating me @qwerrie. Much appreciated. 😊

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Upvoted and resteemed.
I would like you look for some Spanish people too.
It's a nice action

We have a pool of plankton in our Plankton token holders, I will check if some of them fir your criteria. Thanks for this opportunity, this is definitely what this place needs. Have a nice day, @anomadsoul.

bueno, yo hago power down por la situacion en Venezuela pero me gustaria tener una barrita de slide tambien y ser considerado de alguna manera (:!