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RE: OCD is migrating to the Smoke Network, we found a cure for OCD

in #ocd3 years ago

This is great news. I'm looking forward to fix all the issues I didn't know weren't actually issues.

Seriously talking, maybe someone will replace @OCD on Steem. Someone will do it just better. Next time we don't need to settle for OCD, we can have something else. Like Superb Turbo Decentralization. STD!

From this day forward, by STD's will go live!


STD is going to spread fast I predict.

Good thing I've already premined some.

whaaaaa?? i didn't know you could ninja mine STDs...

well the STD distribution is not fair then... we need to air drop the STDs...

I'll help you acid, don't worry... we will figure this out.

Well the important thing is to get investors aboard. The ninja mining might upset some, but it's important to get them see why they should pay for STDs!

Are you planning to be the STD whale?

It is a PoI algorithm. Proof of Intercourse.

My plan is to mine STDs on multiple platforms at once, but my wife won't let me do it. She's just screaming "Don't bring those hookers in our bedroom!"

its gonna be viral...

I've managed to gather a team with my STD's and they're working hard to make it reach everyone.

You don't want to be left without it.

I don't think you can mine it. You have to catch it instead.

So we are moving from an extractive model towards a sustainable hunter-gatherer model is this what you are saying?

The greatest hunter have the most STDs.

Trying to catch STDs is a funtime activity for the whole family.

I want to know how to get an STD..... vote 😂

Please, apsu..... give me an STD! 🙃💪😉

I'll need to get STD up and running first. You'll be the first one to know!

STD?? Wow!! Such a wonderful name, Superb Turbo Decentralization... Feels good!

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