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RE: OCD is migrating to the Smoke Network, we found a cure for OCD

in #ocd3 years ago

These are the moments I feel proud to be an OCD curator, may SMOKE live forever!

Btw, you forgot to mention that we're giving away 100 SMOKE to each user that is migrating at once with us since we want it to look like a lot of people are joining naturally because they believe in our project. Or, wasn't I supposed to say that?



Where can I claim my smoke? I've run out of bud!!! ;-)

Send us your email address, your credit card details, and a copy of your ID, and we will contact you soon. :)

How can someone join here?

The post and my comment are meant as a joke; they are just sarcasm. :)

You are a humorist :)

I'm happy if you want to be friends with me :) :)

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