@OCD Completes A Century! + Contest

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Operation Curation Delegation is onto its 100th issue, and it feels fantastic!


Team @ocd:

@ocd is a fantastic bunch of curators:

scanning the lengths and breadths of Steemit to find hidden gems...

This curation effort was formed on Steemit to discover underappreciated and undervalued Steemit gems buried under the depth of spam and plagiarism, and let those gems shine through our daily curation digest. Not only that, the wonderful pieces of content that are selected to be featured in @ocd daily get an appreciable boost in their earnings via a vote from curation master @acidyo and his trail.


Being a curator is not as easy as it seems, but the fact that over the course of 100 issues, we've helped so many authors get the rewards and recognition they deserve, as well as encouraged them to continue posting marvelous content makes it all worthwhile.

I had elaborated why we need to learn how to discover hidden pearls - it's a fact that there’s so much great content around us, we need to consistently support and grow together on this amazing platform.


After starting out, @ocd has moved onto 'ocd-resteems' and we've also gone international!


Most of us know that the path to success on Steemit is tricky, with 'success' being a subjective term. But some of the key ingredients that will certainly help you on your journey are quality and original content, consistency and engagement with other amazing Steemians.

As we celebrate @ocd's 100th issue, I would like to do a special giveaway of my own:

Engagement being the key term here, I'm offering 2 SBDs each to 3 individuals who will leave constructive and meaningful comments on all the posts featured in 'OCD DAILY: Issue #100'. This is to encourage a healthy interaction where we offer support to fellow content creators. And since most of us minnows have less vote values, we can use the power of our words to create a positive environment.

Rules: Participants can comment back on this post with 'Done' after they complete the task. I'll manually inspect the comments and declare winners 3 days from now.

Winners - @cizzo @em3 @justcallmemyth : Thanks for encouraging Steemit authors with your comments!

Thank you for reading!


3 amazing initiatives/communities I'm part of.

Click on the images to find out more.

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Congratulations on you 100th! I really enjoy your posts and do find some fine contributors through you. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

thank you for the support and encouragement! #team @ocd appreciates :)

That’s an awesome thing your doing, I normally do go and check the posts mention on OCD but busy this week so will not be trying for the prize :)

Ah, you are always encouraging with your valuable comments. I might extend the deadline if there are no valid entries :)

I wont be as active as normal till next week, I am way behind in editing photos, Have family things to do and still need to finalize the design of my Calender’s for next year so its going to be a busy weeked

I miss you too @tattoodjay. Good times with your project.

Thanks 😎👍😎


I usually like to comment on a few ocd curations from the last few editions, think it's important to encourage good original content for people starting out.

Thanks for participating! yes, we may not have powerful votes, but constructive criticism and helpful comments matter :)


Time was short, so were my comments,
but I read each one and upvoted each one!

Thank you! It was my pleasure. Good idea to direct people to these great posts!

I just love this:

This curation effort was formed on Steemit to discover underappreciated and undervalued Steemit gems buried under the depth of spam and plagiarism, and let those gems shine through our daily curation digest.

You are doing such a great work, guys! Congratulations!

Follow from @dunsky

Thank you, appreciate the support and encouragement from a talented artist :)


Thanks so much for this challenge....but it wasn't even a challenge (like @scrooger's 3-4 mountain bike ride)......
It was a pleasure!!!

This special 100th edition of OCD was not slacking at all. Some really cool and enjoyable posts to read!!!

Thank you @jznsamuel

Thanks for participating, and we appreciate the support and encouragement :)

Wow good pictuer and information shearing thank you pelese my vote

bhai mujhe bhi koi community join karwa do na. Ye "busy" tag hai kya actually sab lga rhe hain

busy ka testing dekh le - testers

thanks bhai,join kr li hai. Apko kuch bug mila? Console mast hai but

yup, found a few bugs. haan interface mast hai...