Spending time on the sea.

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On a fishing trip

Early spring fishing. During the week I have been in the fjord Skjomen for fishing. The catches have been variable but overall I am happy with the result.


My friend Erik preparing netts for fishing.


Ready to go.


Heading for the fishing site.

Several large avalanches have gone all the way down to the sea.





The shore stone, landmark for a good fishing spot.


Views outwards the fjord.


Pulling the nets.




Here comes a big one.



Coffee break on the calm side of the fjord.


On the way home to the mooring place.




The day on the sea is over. Now we have some hours work to prepare the catch.


Pictures from some of my days on the sea.



The scenery of the sea is very beautiful. And the mountains covering with snow created really spectacular view. I also love that there are a lot of white clouds, especially in the 1st, 16th, and 17th pictures. Very wonderful!

The reflection of the mountains, the clouds, and the sky in the water is gorgeous. The fish are very big. It's great that you can take a photo of the bird standing on the rock. Very nice!

The sun in the last picture is marvelous with the perfect shot. This looks peaceful and relaxing indeed. Thanks so much for sharing. ;)

Thanks @tangmo very much for nice comments

My pleasure! ;)

I was thinking with a friend of mine last year to have some torsk fishing weekend in Norway, but I don't know when it's gonna become a reality. He's living in Sweden, and it would be quite easy for me to fly there and drive to Norway, but with Corona plans are ruined. I honestly am not a fan of torsk fishing, preferring more agile ones, but he is. I miss Norway however and I would go there more for the trip and landscape than for the fishing itself. Great pics you have here.

Thank's @acesontop for pleasant comment, welcome west anytime.

That is amazing landscape, I can imagine that it is so relaxing just to go out on boat. There are huge fishes that you got, do you freeze them or give to friends and family, might be delicious :)

Thanks @stef1 for pleasant comment. Yes, I like to be on the sea and fishing for food and put in the freezer. I also prepare the fish in different ways, slightly salted and smoked. heavy salted and dried , fish for bacalao. If Iget too much to handle I give to friends.

And I have long missed your beautiful photos. The beauty of what is around! Your nature is amazing of course!

And the fishing was excellent. The fish are very large!
Congratulations on a good catch, dear @karja!

Hello @singa, yes long time ago. Thank you for nice comment.

Wow!! Landscape looks amazing!!Stunning photos!!

Thanks @liltammy for pleasant comment.

Wow, my friend: very, very spectacular photographs

Thank you @juancar347 for pleasant comment.

Fantastisk fin stemning med sol og blikkstille sjø🌞🏔

Takk for kommentar, ja det var en flott dag på sjøen, neste dag var ikke så fin det var mye vind og bølger.

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Wow, amazing photographs @karja