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RE: OCD is migrating to the Smoke Network, we found a cure for OCD

in #ocd3 years ago

Maybe you could also make a product that is more like a mainstream product that you’ll have no chance competing with.

I’m glad the community is standing up together on this.

One thing I can say, good luck pushing an app without your user base. Duuuuuuuuuh.


Don't be silly of course we're going to have a user base because people have faith in our project. Plus, we're giving away 100 worthless SMOKE but, that's just because we appreciate our community, it's not under any circumstances to steal them away since they wouldn't join otherwise.

Hey bro, don’t be talking about smoke like that. It isn’t “worthless”. It’s a diamond in the rough. I hear Joe Rogan is about to buy in.

Hmm, you sure about that? I'll FOMO into buying all the SMOKE available on the market in that case and sell it later to Rogan. #SmokeMillionaire

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