corona virus live update

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Corona Virus is deadly

corona is killing humans like a butcher kill cow with sharp knife , global warming is decreasing and other hand the population of the world also decreasing , industries are stud down , there is still winter in march in warm countries , atmosphere of weather is very clean to breath and coolant every one is scarred to get killed by this deadly virus , when this virus enter into body with in 14 days it will destroy your lungs , food pipe and you will go to ventilator because of no breath


Currently top facing countries are
USA, China , Spain , Italy, and govts of these countries are helping locked people to give them food for long term and they are very scarred to die , precaution are very necessary avoid social gathering will stop this virus spread.
If you have breath problem call your country emergency number,
Corona will not come to your home to kill you , you will go out to bring it with you and if you got inflected your whole family will be inflected and you will then need to stay in hospital for a long time so stay strong stay away from social meet ups.


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