Diamond in the heart of dirt

in #ocdlast year

On the way going home, we saw something so beautiful and amazing that I personally hadn't seen before. A lake had emerged in the heart of the sizzling desert of Shahdad due to the good amount of rain we have had this year.

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Our jaws dropped, we got out of the car and started running towards the lake. I was just so astonishing to see something like that with my own eyes and not in an Instagram post. The water was so clear and surprisingly cold. I tried to taste the water and that thing was salty as hell though!

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As usual, we had to do something, and we decided to do some yoga poses since we had just finished our yoga sessions and the bodies were ''ready''! lol
I didn't get to keep my balance. The salt crystals were too hard and sharp, so much that I got a scar from them after I got out of the lake. Navid and our other friend Hanieh though, got to accomplish the Crow in the water and I captured it.

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Happy and lost in the moment, we realized that we had to rush to our meeting location since other group mates were waiting for us. I can't still believe that we got to see something like that in the middle of arid climate like that.

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After that trip, the feeling and motivation for me to travel and explore my country Iran has increased drastically, and I'm not gonna be surprised if I see myself biking to some destination. This seems to be a start of something exciting in my life and I'd be happy to share it with you guys. :)

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Thank you for reading this.

Peace! <3