Heads low in the sand storm

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When we reached the lake, everything seemed to be perfect for a calm and clear night sky in the desert. We got to the lake and our yogi called for a small session of yoga and meditation just to get our vibes settled and so we can really feel the nature surrounding us. Then right after the meditation, we witnessed a the beautiful Moon shining over the lake. It was just an amazing vibe and I really felt being there right in that moment with no noise or disturbance in my mind.

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Then, we started getting our stuff out of the car to find a place to just sit and really be with what was in front of us. Settled right beside the edge, we also made a fire and sat around it to listen to the yogi of ours. We went deep into how yoga and meditation has helped each one of us to cope up with the problems we have in our personal lives, and me personally looked back and realized that I definitely am a better version of myself with having those elements in my life.

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After the gathering around the fire, I broke my fast and had my dinner with the group. We were really enjoying talking smack and just being ourselves there. Nima was showing us his talents in Persian dancing and we were truly having a great time in that moment until the other face of desert tried to show us its powers...

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Strong winds started blowing and our stuff were starting to get blown away since we just didn't put up any tent assuming that the weather would be just fine, but we had mistaken that part. We got the cars in front of us as a shield and they didn't disappoint and we managed to keep our stay somehow.

Honestly the sounds of it were not comforting and I'd be lying if I say I wasn't scared! Thankfully though, the winds were consistent and they didn't get any worse. So although nervous, we started to just distract ourselves by continuing to talk smack and drawing something.

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Sleeping through that night was one of the most challenging sleeps of my life. I was sort of happy as well, to experience something like this and to see how we can get through the sandy storms and survive, literally and figuratively talking.

The next morning, we woke up with sand all over us. But we were happy that we got through it made it to the morning.
Finished our morning yoga by the lake and got ready to head home.

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On the way back home, we encounter something that probably we could just see it in filtered Instagram pictures, but this one was the real deal and I'm going to tell you about it on my next post.

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Thank you for reading this. :)