OCD Weekly Update (Sept. 26th - Oct. 3rd)

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OCD Weekly Review

As the @ocd "accountant", and in the interest of complete transparency, I will be putting out a weekly update on the work of the @ocd team. As this is the first update in the 13 weeks that @ocd has been in existence this post will include information from the previous weeks to get everyone up to speed. Going forward I will just update based on the previous weeks information.


  • Unique Authors Curated through Week 13: 604
  • Total Curated Posts through Week 13: 744

We are happy to say that each one of these posts was undervalued when found by the OCD team and by being selected to the compilation post they each received a nice boost in payout from @ocd and @acidyo!

In addition to the compilation posts, @ocd also began resteeming three posts a day that use the ocd-resteem tag. To date we have resteemed 66 posts providing each one of those with a greater audience and a substantial increase in payout. To have an opportunity for your post to be resteemed by @ocd start using the ocd-resteem tag in your posts today! You can read more about how to be resteemed by OCD here.

OCD Team Stats

Our curators receive weekly payments based on the work performed that week, the weekly payouts are as follows:

  • Weekly Compilation Post Author receives 50% of SBD generated from Compilation posts
  • All active curators receive an even portion of 25% of SBD generated from Compilation posts
  • Curators of the selected nominations receive a portion of the remaining 25% of SBD generated from Compilation posts

Over the past 12 weeks the payments received for each current curator are as follows:

Week 13.png

In addition to the weekly SBD payments, each curator is given stake ownership of 50% of the SP earned through each compilation post. The stakes are distributed through the following rules:

  • Each nomination brought to the OCD group provides that curator with 1 stake
  • Each nomination selected to be included in the compilation post provides that curator with 1 additional stake
  • Each resteem selection provides the curator that selected it with 1 stake

The breakdown of stakes and SP ownership through Week 13 is as follows:

Week 13 Stakes.png

OCD International

OCD International is the newest addition to the OCD family. Steemit is a global community, a majority of the users do speak english, but the goal of OCD is to help all undervalued users, not just those that speak english. With that in mind this past week was the first time that OCD has ventured into curating posts from other languages: Spanish, French, German, Polish and Italian.

Over the past week the OCD International team has curated 28 posts from non-English authors. Our hope is that we will be able to encourage even more new users from around the world with this initiative.

As payouts are delayed 7 days weekly payouts for the OCD International team will begin next week. The rules for payouts for the International team are as follows:

  • 50% of SBD generated by the compilation post divided evenly between active curators
  • 50% of SBD generated by the compilation post given to curators that have had nominations selected

In addition to the SBD payouts the OCD International team also receives ownership stake of the SP generated by the compilation posts. Each post that is included in the daily compilation will award that curator 2 stakes (in some cases the stakes are divided between curators working together). The stakes and ownership information will be provided next week after the first weeks payouts have been received.

As @ocd grows we will be looking to add even more curators to the international team, focusing on the languages that are severely under curated despite having high quality posts. Please visit the @ocd page and check out the compilation and resteemed posts, show the featured authors some love and help us help others today!

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You got OCD kid! Long time buddy, glad to see you are kicking. I may need to chat with you about this ocd thing. Maybe even drag you on my show to talk about it.

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I love it. Who else is this openly transparent with their inner workings, and payouts etc? NOBODY. Thats who. @ocd for the win.

You're right! Transparency on everything!

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