Danube Run | Romania moto trip from west to east (GoPro Hero4)

in #ocd7 months ago

Back from a 5 days, 2000km moto camping trip on the east side of Romania. Me and a bunch of friends set out to go on a camping trip on the Danube Delta.The main goal was to ride through as many beautiful locations as we could, camp where needed, swim in the Black Sea and safely return home with some great memories.
I called it The Danube Run.
The whole thing was filmed on a GoPro Hero 4 attached to my Suzuki GSR600.


Hei Raoul

Inca esti aici?

Eu am intrat sa-mi curat contul si sa-l "inchid" si am vrut sa vad ce lume mai e activa.

Adresa de mail de pe youtube mai e valabila? Ma gandeam sa iti scriu, poate ne vedem candva la o tura moto. Cheers.

Salutare! Am intrat si eu sa imi curat contul, sunt mai mult pe Hive. Da, adresa de Youtube e valabila. ti-o las aici si ne auzim acolo.

Acum am vazut ca adresa de [email protected]

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