Learning Ableton | A not so good first beat

in #ocdlast year

This isolation thing might be beneficial, at least for me. Now I have the time to do all the things that I wanted to do but didn't have the time for it.
If you're like me, you get a little frustrated everytime you need some music for your videos. Either the pace isn't right,the mood of the song is a little off or the track just isn't the right one and you search and search until you find something that is close to what you want but never perfect.
Here comes my desire to learn how to make my own music.
From someone who finds programs like Photoshop,Premiere Pro or even After Effects a walk in the park, Ableton proved to be a little bit of a hassel.

It took me about two days to find my way around but today I started making something that I hoped it wouldn't make my ears bleed.
The easiest way to start (according to youtube guru's) is sampling a part of a song and remixing it.
I found a song that I really liked, dragged it into Ableton and selected the part I was interested.


After the selection,I transposed it 2 semitones up, added an equalizer to mute the low frequency tones and added some Reverb.
After that I was good to go to add some drums.


I added a drum rack and some 909 core kit HiHat's.
The problem which is bugging me the most is the lack of rhythm but I think I'll sort it out once I put some more hours into Ableton.
Anyway, here's how my HiHat's are arranged:


Now it was the time for some kicks to add a little umf to that...beat.


After some tweaking I got somewhere close to what I wished for so I recorded the sounds in the order that I liked, moved to arrangement view to fine tune it all and then export it.


I wouldn't say that I'm wow'ed by the result but it's a first step in a bit hazy direction :)
P.S If you know some good Ableton tutorials,please leave the links down in the comments. Thanks!