Painting T-shirts by hand

in #ocdlast year

Today I took a break from taking photos of food, eggs and whatnot and I told myself that I will spend my day learning to use Ableton 10 and get out of it at least 10 sec of not so cringy beats...that was the plan.


With fresh forces I opened the software and started turning knobs and getting more and more frustrated because I couldn't make that damn thing sound anywhere close to what I liked.

As I turned from my laptop I saw that my girlfriend was painting a T-shirt so we thought it will be a good idea to make a video of the whole process.
Needless to say that I left my musical aspirations aside, grabbed the camera and started shooting left and right. About 2 hours later the T-shirt was finished and I was back on my laptop editing the footage in something that looks like this.

*all of the footage was shot handheld, stabilized in post.
**everything was shot using my Canon 6D and a variety of lenses but mostly I used the 50mm.
*** post processing wise aside from a few speed ramps and a bit of color grade I left the footage as it was.