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RE: OCD is looking for curators of other languages!

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Good to hear that you are speaking french.
We have few great food post underevaluate.
Have a look at my french fellow @corsica for example. We warmly welcome you to come first in the french community to discover us, to speak with us also on Discord, and get involve in our beautiful community.


Thanks so much for your message @roxane! I will have a look at the French food authors soon, and i am thinking of translating my steemit iron chef contest post and share with the French community too, I am sure many will join and hence have some support from everyone!

This is a wonderful idea @progressivechef !
I really hope you can do it ! It would be a chance for our community to have this kind of contest ! If you need any help, just tell me ! You know where to find me ;-)

My friend (in real life, I mean ;-)) @ikaputri3 that I involved on Steem few month again has participated in your contest I think and won the first edition ! Thanks for her !

For sure my friend, I am already working out on it, you will see the post soon!
Oh @ikaputri3 is just an amazing cook, she make so delicious food posts every time! The entry she made for the first edition of steemit iron chef was just awesome! I'm sure she will win many more rounds!

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