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The idea of ​​gymnastics, from the Greek term "gymnasia", refers to the activity that is carried out with the aim of improving and maintaining a good physical condition through various exercises. The concept also refers to the set of movements that are developed for that purpose.

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Sports, on the other hand, is related to:

Physical activity that is carried out according to certain rules and as a competition or game. A sport can also be a hobby or a recreation.

With these ideas in mind, we can advance in the definition of sports gymnastics. This is what is called gymnastic discipline consisting of the deployment of choreographic routines that may include the use of different devices and musical accompaniment.

Also known as artistic gymnastics, sports gymnastics is done on a surface with measures defined according to a regulation. The origins of this discipline are at the end of the 19th century: from Athens 1986 it is an Olympic sport. It is necessary to clarify, anyway, that from the beginning of Amsterdam in 1928, female athletes began to participate, since until then only men competed.

Sports gymnastics, in its competitive modality, can be individual or group, with individual competitions being more popular. According to the rules set by the International Gymnastics Federation, each gymnast has between thirty and ninety seconds to execute their routines, which are scored by a jury using scores from the analysis of various criteria.

As for the devices that can be used in sports gymnastics, are the easel (horse jump or horse jump), the rings and the high bar (fixed bar).

There are variants of gymnastics at the Olympic level of which I will speak a little:

Rhythmic gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics is an exclusive women's sport in which the gymnasts make their performance in a cement floor using different objects such as ropes, rings, balls or ribbons, accompanied by music, either in groups or individually. This activity is the perfect combination of sport and art, connecting expressive dance steps with different skills and movements. Rhythmic gymnastics is suitable for women and girls of all ages. It is an excellent way to increase confidence and creative abilities.

Artistic gymnastics

Balance, speed, flexibility, strength, control and finesse are just some of the attributes and characteristics that elite gymnasts have that struggle every day to obtain perfection. With each routine and with each attempt they make within this tense but elegant competition, the artistic gymnasts have the ability to enchant the spectators. It is an Olympic-level sport that can be performed by both men and women and is performed both on the floor and in different devices made for this purpose and which are judged individually and by event. Male events include a series of floor exercises, horizontal bar, parallel bars, horse with bows, stationary rings and vault. Artistic gymnastics events for women are, for example, vault exercises, uneven parallel bars, balance beam and floor exercise.

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