Introducing The Omniloquent Project: A Cryptocurrency Publication That Pays Steemit Users For Their Articles

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Hey all, @yallapapi here. I want to introduce you to the new account and go over some guidelines.

What is Omniloquent?

Omniloquent is an online cryptocurrency publication hosted on Steemit. Our goal is to help Steemit users earn money by receiving 40-50% of the SBD post rewards of all articles they contribute to the account. We are currently focusing on the cryptocurrency niche, but may expand into other niches over time.

Goals of the platform

Omniloquent has 3 goals:

  1. Encourage Steemit users to produce high quality content that can be easily shared off-site
  2. Offer Steemit users the opportunity to reach a greater audience by publishing content on our platform
  3. Become a respected source of high quality information cryptocurrency content both on and off Steemit

Our overarching goal here at Omniloquent is ultimately to become a faucet for professionally-written articles that are shareable across the Internet.

Submission guidelines

Expectations for contributing writers are as follows:


  • Articles should be between 300-500 words in length and original (can be previously posted off-site, but you must own the rights)
  • Articles must be spellchecked before being sent for submission
  • Articles should include at least one image with source info
  • Articles should also be formatted in markdown along with images/videos before being sent
  • Articles should be written and attached as a .txt or .docx file
  • Articles should have a professional tone.
  • Articles must have something to do with cryptocurrency or general finance (stocks, options, personal finance, etc)
  • There is no limit on the amount of articles you can submit
  • Editorials (opinion pieces) and news are allowed
  • Editor will select the best articles and post them under the magazine account.
  • Every article will include author's info and a link to her/his account (Could also be a website or other destination. Please, specify)




Writers will receive 40% of their post's SBD payout collected by their published articles on the 8th day of their publication.*

All submissions must be sent to [email protected]

Our success is your success

Omniloquent is structured as a collective effort to earn rewards from the Steem blockchain.

Over time, the account will accumulate SP and its votes will become more valuable. Assuming the price of Steem remains stable, writers will eventually be able to earn full-time income from writing for Omniloquent and any future publications.

The more community support the program receives, the faster it will grow. The faster it grows, the faster we can replicate it in other niches. The more niches we provide, the more writers we can employ. And the more writers we employ, the more opportunities we can offer veteran contributors to take on more responsibility and earn a greater share of the profits.

The early bird gets the worm

This is a new, untested project. Rewards will probably be meager at first.

But #sharkschool was once a new project. @Flashfiction, the current @omniloquent editor, saw the potential in #sharkschool and went out of his way to make himself useful.

He recruited new users, volunteered to moderate the Spanish channel, and shared valuable information to help move the group forward.

Now, he runs the @omniloquent magazine and receives 40% of the SBD payout for each post. This puts him in the unique position of being able to make hundreds to thousands of dollars per month, even more than the owner of the account.

Had he not stepped up when #sharkschool was new, he would not have gotten this opportunity.

The same goes for this project. The people who step up now and prove that they are responsible, intelligent and ambitious will be rewarded with more responsibility (and more money) when future projects are created.

How to get involved

At the time of this writing, we are looking for the following:

  1. Cryptocurrency writers (we can never have enough, so don't be shy)
  2. Marketing partners (20% of SBD payout is allotted to potential partners)
  3. An SP delegation for greater post rewards

In its early stages, we have chosen to give Steemit users the opportunity to be the program's alpha testers. Up to 150 posts (down from 300) will be published each month (just like any other major internet publication), and for the first month we are not going to recruit any writers from off-site. This may be subject to change if the volume of posts is not high enough.

As mentioned earlier, all submissions must be sent to @flashfiction at [email protected]

On the horizon

While the current goal of @omniloquent is to create a cryptocurrency publication on Steemit that employs Steemit writers, the long term goal is much larger than that.

The idea is to create a content distribution network that writes and places cryptocurrency articles for blockchain startups. By controlling both the production and distribution of crypto content, we are able to offer clients a reliable service that virtually guarantees them exposure across multiple platforms.

The ultimate goal is 50 cryptocurrency information sites.

This is obviously an ambitious goal, so much so that accomplishing it is beyond our current level of comprehension.

In the meantime, anyone who runs a cryptocurrency news site and is looking for additional content is encouraged to get in touch. We have many articles written by non-Steemit authors that are looking for a home and can produce more on a regular basis.

Business inquiries should be sent to [email protected]

@YallaPapi's involvement

You probably noticed that this post is devoid of memes, profanity, and irreverent humor in favor of a more professional tone. All upcoming posts from me on this account will be the same.

While I love writing on my personal page, it's likely that I will slowly be transferring all of my SP into this account. It's also possible that I'll slow the output on my @yallapapi account while I focus on getting this one up and running.

I will make posts here updating the status of the project as needed. All post rewards from my posts on here will be powered up into SP to fund the rewards.

Other than that, my main priority is finding marketing partners/sponsors to delegate SP to this account to increase the incentive for writers to contribute content. Anyone who is interested in getting involved is welcome to contact me any time.


Send post submissions to [email protected]

Contact @YallaPapi directly at [email protected]

Join the Discord group for faster communication

For a detailed explanation of this project, read this.


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This sounds like a great project

Great post
Your initiative is really useful .. great work done well
Thanks for sharing..‏

This is a steemit bolster and somehow excites the steemians to participate such endeavor but I just have a question, who will decide whether an article is accepted or rejected? Is it a panel of steemians?

The guidelines are very clear. The editor will decide what is accepted but this is not some elite club where we only let our friends submit. Anyone can submit. Everyone can participate. Send your submissions to [email protected]

Good question

fast progress is good progress! @yallapapi this is an exciting venture. Im already working on some content to submit so I can get in on the ground level.

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Sounds good bru

so true

We only get 40% of SBD rewards. Where's the rest going? I'm assuming some to you and the rest to the account to make the SP grow? I'm assuming the rewards will be low at first like you said. So whoever we are writing for, why aren't they paying us as well? I think there needs to be more incentive.

40% goes to the writer, 40% goes to the editor, 20% goes to potential marketing partners (If any) and SP stays in the account. Every writer receives upvotes from the trail, and we hope to make it grow from there.

Go here:
Connect through SteemConnect and click the fanbase tab.
Type @omniloquent in the search field and click follow.

I tried this but couldn't get it done
Can i just follow @omniloquent rather?

You can also join the @yallapapi curation trail. Instructions are in this post.

Sounds like a cool idea, I may well submit an article, thanks.

Just english?

For now. The project will grow to other languages, markets and areas, we hope. :)

Nice 👍

Wow, such great initiative. I like this part most:

Over time, the account will accumulate SP and its votes will become more valuable. Assuming the price of Steem remains stable, writers will eventually be able to earn full-time income from writing for Omniloquent and any future publications.

That's my favorite part too

looks the 2nd choice for people who didn't start with steemit

Saludos desde Venezuela, bienvenido a esta nueva red social.

@omniloquent this is a very good project that will encourage writers to bring out the best in them, and also reduces plagiarism on steemit.

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Yalla Papi! I heard the name for the first time. It was totally unknown for me. You have informed details about it. Hope you will introduce more about it.

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love this platfrom Omniloquent. Waiting for this currency to hold

Goodluck on your journey helping the community and the minnows!

great project dear..
go ahead..
like it..👍👍👍👍

Hey dear
Welcome to steemit .happy wishes

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Thanks for your support @yallapapi!

Your contribution is appreciated.

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good news, thanks for the information,

Very well explain buddy

Great initiative, Is it possible to write article in other language ?

in my opinion, your image has a high philosophy value !!
Like it

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Great post!!

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Well.... Good luck. ;)

güzel bir proje

This seems to be an exciting opportunity. Will definitely start contributing

Sounds good.

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this is so interesting and good project...

Is there any chance that you - or someone that works with/for you - is going to create a special website for Omniloquent? Like a new front end that only shows posts from this magazine, something like cointelegraph or so. I think that could attract even more readers, a well made UI with good articles, the readers don't even need to know that they currently are reading an article from the Steem blockchain.

I don’t see why not

This is just wow

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Great post good think brother

great publication! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always good to see good content her

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Great Project! Goodluck!

so the writing is just about Cryptocurrency?
no free writing?

For now only crypto. We’ll see about other niches in the future.

Yeah, I definitely will give it shot !

@yallapapi it says Sorry, that curation trail does not exist.

WOW !!!, every day I am surprised at how many projects are supported by steemit, to propose new fairer schemes for all content creators, so I invite you to read my post on this subject

Yeah dude its so informative

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good pictures for loyal birds

excelente...hare publicaciones en español.... talvez en ingles.. gracias por publicar esto.. es de gran ayuda

excellent ... I make publications in Spanish .... maybe in English .. thanks for posting this ... it's very helpful

I love posting your post. hopefully you can make weight posting post again

Wooo..... Keren and mantap 👍👍👍👍👍
Nice post 👍👍👍👍👍

Great project with win-win. I was curious if authors will be featured and I see they will:)
It might be a good steppinggstone to a copywriting career.

I love posting your post. hopefully you can make weight posting post again

Thank you for new info

Welcome to Steemit @omniloquent!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

Yes, I love Crpto too! Lots of detailed analysis on my blog along with some predictions

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Interesting! I will try this one soon.

It's on like donkey kong..

Thank you very much Omniloquent!!!!

Very good initiative. It will encourage Steemit members to write good article on cryptocurrency issues.

I agree. Curious to see what comes from it.

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Thanks for the post.

Photo very nice, thank you so much 😃

Why just things about crypto?

Ok ... interesting
I will try and see how it goes

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Excelente iniciativa @omniloquent agradecida por el apoyo a todos los integrantes de la comunidad de Steemit que deseemos redactar artículos sobre Criptomoneda y sus beneficios!!!!

Hello, I am writing ICO reviews, do you also accept these articles?
Let me know!

I am an interested writer, has anyone participated and got feedback yet?

Yes, me. It's a really awesome program. If you're thinking about it you should definitely do it.

I'll go for it, thanks bud.

Welcome to Steemit, I hope you like it here very much, I followed you, I hope this is mutual ;) A lot of interesting things ahead, good luck!

With just 40% of SBD, how can @flashfiction get a higher share than the account owner? Account owner not only gets 60% of SBD but also all the SP the post earns. Thus 80% of the earnings go to the account owner.

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Account owner gets 0% of the SBD payout and only keeps the SP.

Also, because the SBD peg is broken, posts are rewarded with significantly more SBD than SP in terms of USD value.

Google is your friend.

Well, only time will tell who earns more 😜

Good luck with the project!

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I like this i know you got to go in with your best post

I appreciate this kind of initiatives. Good writers on Steemit should join here.

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This project looks very interesting. The participation is only in English?

Hi! I am a @cat3. I like your post! I also post content that readers might be interested in:

Much interest I have in this but I don't know how to link my write up to the link you provided provided. I wouldn't mind if you can take your time to explain to me the step by step to follow because I am still much new here

Email it to [email protected]

If you don’t know how to send an email I can’t help you

Hahahaha, funny the image but very real. The title is good The Omniloquent very original. The truth is that the concept of The Omniloquent is very clear, now all that remains is to work to grow as always.

really very beautiful you post😍😍 i like it

Don't you think that it's unfair? It destroys the very idea of a social network, where users are rewarded for sharing their content. It's kind of way to cheat and earn money, but not to create it yourself.

Looks like a nice project to help minnows. Keep up the good work :)

Good afternoon! I most recently on Steemit, like you. I decided that together we can achieve much and develop faster. Let's increase the power of Steemit together. I followed you hope and you follow me. Glad to new acquaintances! ;)

Great idea - I would love to track the financial success of the project - will you be sharing?

All info is public on the Steem blockchain

Wow!! What a post for steemit""

This is a welcome idea, and I love it.

Hi there,

Thank you for your useful information about the Steemit business procedures and other tools to follow to success in Steemit platform.

Mohamed Taher

OK Omniloquent is a cool name... Are your articles just going to be here on Steemit? Or elsewhere

Looking to create a website that will host the articles as well

This is really a great project, please when will this be lunched?

Should start next week

Interesting way of crowdsourcing content contributors and helping them to promote their work. Hope the project succeeds!

At first look sounds interesting


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I love posting your post. hopefully you can make weight posting post again

I love posting your post. hopefully you can make weight posting post again

I love posting your post. hopefully you can make weight posting post again