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“Intellectually provocative and potentially groundbreaking technology”

-Review Panel, National Science Foundation SBIR Program-

Omnity Official Presentation

Features of Omnity


  1. Millions of federal documents from most major agencies semantically
  2. Manually upload documents manually through the drag and drop interface
  3. Private Batch Ingestion billing is available (please contact [email protected])


  1. Documents are connected through similar semantic signatures.
  2. Text is processed through Fusion of Natural Language Processing, Machine Intelligence and Graph Math.
  3. Three years in stealth R & D is provided by> 500,000 lines of code and $ 9 million in sponsorship.


  1. Linguistic sequences track semantic signatures of documents that change over time, place and copyright
  2. Digital rights management for text-based content in engineering, finance, law, medicine, science in over 100 languages.
  3. Hyper-hierarchical document storage for self-healing distributed document networks

Discovery Bots

  1. The “Discovery Bots” search agent is enabled by dragging and dropping the entire file query
  2. Auto Search starts are encoded by time and by user-selectable time
  3. Discovery reports are periodically emailed to users

Features of Omnity token

  1. The Early Acceptance Program (EAP) allows the token value to increase when used and resold internally (depending on value-added cumulative value).
  2. Tags can be used to launch discovery bots (search agents discover content cyclically selected by the user)
  3. Can use tags to customize the import of large documents.

Enterprise-Scale Consumption of Omnity

Enterprise-scale consumers of Omnity currently include Fortune 500 in a range of knowledge-rich and innovation driven industry verticals, including Aerospace, Energy, Materials, Medical Devices, and Pharmaceuticals, as well as State and Federal Governments.


Industries that Omnity targets

  1. FINANCE (Find the right investment, fast.)
  2. LEGAL (Find the right argument, fast.)
  3. RESEARCH (Place research in context, fast.)
  4. Attorneys AND POLICIES (Express your voice and connect with impact.)

Token-Based Consumption of Omnity

Users who consume Omnity through tokens enjoy all of the features of the free user tier, as well as a wider and deeper range of already-built and commercialized Omnity services:

(A) An Om token or fraction thereof can be used to ingest into Omnity and query on any number of documents or set of documents, where those document can be privately archived on either a cloud based and/or a blockchain-enabled, decentralized public ledger, useful both to validate ingestion time and date for time-sensitive documents, as well as to detect potential duplicate documents in Omnity. One Om token enables a 20-page document to be queried, where one page is defined as 3,000 ASCII characters. Token users can ingest and store as many documents as desired.

(B) An Om token or fraction thereof can also be used to trigger the automated production of an information feed, which we term a “Discovery Bot”, relative to a user-initiated query or set of queries. Discovery Bots can be produced over a specific unit of time (e.g. hour, day, week, and month) as well as be triggered by an event (e.g. the accumulation of sufficient content, whose threshold is set by either the User or Omnity). The total number of and depth of Discovery Bots generated over a specified period of time drives the pricing of this service.

Omnity Storage Monitor (SM)

The storage monitor watches all data indexes for existing and new files. When new files are added to the index, the monitor sends a request to the file handler to store this file on the DSN. When an existing file becomes unavailable, the SM sends a request to the recovery agent that retrieves the file from the DSN and restores it onto the index. There are several potential reasons as to why existing files might become unavailable such as natural disasters, data corruption, hardware failures, and network hacks.

Mechanics of Token Sale

Omnity tokens are securities (investment contracts) being offered within the U.S. pursuant to 506(c) of Regulation D and outside the U.S. in reliance on Regulation S. Omnity tokens will be sold in multiple stages, with a private sale followed by a presale and then a public sale. In the United States, only accredited investors will be able to purchase Omnity tokens. Of funds raised, 74% will be allocated for Omnity’s operations (as per Figure 11); 15% in reserve, including use for the Early Adopter Program; 6% for employees, advisors, and partners; and 5% for founders.







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